Monday, January 17, 2011

A Career Agent Provocateur Seeking a Comeback?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been following the writings of someone I suspect of being a career agent provocateur. This man seemingly changes his message from day to day, advocating assassination, bombings and terrorism on one day, at other times claiming rabbis are the problem (or was it the CFR?), always portraying Israel as if the victim of evil America, that supposed bastion of all the ills of the Earth.

This character is a frequent name dropper. He, by his accounts, always has manages to pull out a get out of jail free card, while his mistakes cause others close to him serious problems. His stories tell of oops after oops, but he gets away clean, while others suffer for his mistakes. He likes to create legends around himself. Is he truly charmed by his guardian angels, or does he have powerful Jewish sponsors?

He is currently writing for a Jewish apologist website that masquerades as if a liberal anti-Zionist publication. He claims that Israel is all about stealing the Arabs' oil! What a cracked crock of crap!