Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Carrot and the Stick: Yet Again My Warnings Have Gone Unheeded and Yet Again the Result Is Chaos and Tragedy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For over four years, I have been warning that the Jews are threatening Arab leaders with revolutions in order to pressure them into agreeing to an attack on Iran. I laid special emphasis on the fact that the Jews have always hated Egypt and want to bring misery and death to Egypt and the Egyptians. I specifically warned that the Jews would soon foment a revolution in Egypt. My warning went unheeded and you did nothing to help me prevent what is today taking place:

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The present Jewish attacks on Egypt are a threat to other Arab nations, as well as to Egyptian leaders. Oil prices are rising and the Saudis and others have a carrot in their mouth and a stick up their crescent moon.

The Jews never rest, why do you? I have told you exactly what would take place, why have you done nothing to help me fight back against the Jews? Do you think the organized Jewish "alternative media" is going to save you? You will die waiting for that to happen. Notice that they did absolutely nothing to help me spread the word about the coming revolution in Egypt, though they regularly read my writings. They only cover the story now to help Jewry threaten and bully Arab leaders.

Notice that the monkey-faced Jews in the "alternative media" do not want normal human beings to attend college, so that the Jews can further monopolize the professions, especially journalism and politics. The Jews want to dumb you down and promote the working class hero of communist mythology, while they send their kids to college and university. Why do you listen to these clowns who hate you and who subvert every aspect of your lives? Are you really so stupid as to be unaware of what they are doing?