Saturday, February 19, 2011

Say Bye Bye to the Dome of the Rock, Say Hello to the Devil's Temple

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews in the "alternative media" are now starting to parrot my insights into the Jews' subversive "revolution" in Egypt. The Jews do not, of course, give me any credit for my work, and they twist what I have said to blame America and the British for the Jews' crimes against these nations and the human race. The Jews know that these "revolutions" will go very badly for the nations under attack, and for the World, and the Jews want to scapegoat us for their crimes.

But the best means the Jews have for fomenting "revolutions" is to piss off the Muslims with Israeli crimes viz. the attacks on Gaza meant to foment "revolution" in Egypt, and the attack on the Mavi Marmara meant to make Turkey, the Jews' oldest ally, the leader of the Muslims. I explained all this years ago. Now I will tell you what comes next.

The "revolutions" will go very badly for Islam, and the Jews will backstab and double-cross all their covert allies. Islam will become very, very weak as will the rest of the World.

The Jews' plan is destroy the Dome of the Rock and build a demon and Devil worshiping "Temple of Solomon" on site, to make it the center of animal and human sacrifices, and to make it the depository for all the gold in the World for the Jews' international gold standard scam. With Islam shattered, and the World in an oil shortage driven depression, the Jews will bomb the underpinnings of the Dome of the Rock, blame it on "space aliens" or some other nonsense, and drive Islam to completely devour itself. Then they will build a temple to the their Devil god and start sacrificing animals and humans to gain "atonement" for ever forgetting that their god is the Devil, and only the Devil, the jealous vampire that is the Jewish god.

300 Million of Us and Still Not One Viable Presidential Candidate Who Will Lead Us Against the Jews?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The "alternative media" drama queens are in full blossom with soap opera after soap opera diffusing and rendering irrelevant the dissident community in America. The monkey faced Jews in the "alternative media" are telling our youth not to pursue higher education, but to instead place the military in charge of America so that they can give our gold and our freedoms to the Jews and rule our lives. What is not happening is that the "alternative media" is not calling for us to organize politically to combat the Jews, other than to ruin ourselves with a Jewish orchestrated "revolution" as took place in Egypt.

What would a "revolution" accomplish for us if we cannot even field a candidate for President in 2012? It would accomplish for the Jews their much desired ultimate destruction, balkanization and internationalization of America.

I, alone, took the following steps, among others, in 2008 (and before) in an effort to save America from Obama and the Jews: I warned that Obama is a Bolshevik creation of the Jews. I warned that Obama won the Illinois Senate race through the actions of bankers affiliated in one way or another with Goldman Sachs, and through the collusion of the Democrats and Republicans to put him in power. I warned that Obama is a psychopath and pathological liar, and is a script, not a strong candidate. I warned that the "change" Obama would bring us is from bad to much worse. I warned that Obama would give away our wealth to the bankers and destroy our industry, and that the Jews would try to make a messiah figure out of him. I did all this before Obama was elected, and while the Jewish "alternative media" was telling you that Obama would be our savior. I also created the "Power Party" and its platform to combat Jewish aggression against America and the World, and to improve the living standards and freedoms of Americans. I also warned that Ron Paul is another fruit of the evil Jewish tree and accurately predicted that he would disappoint his deluded base.

We need a viable and authentic candidate for the 2012 Presidential election. The Jews are filling your heads with talk of revolution and with asinine soap operas so as to prevent you from organizing a political movement to save America and the World from the Jews. With 300 million of us, surely there is at least one who can make a decent run for the Presidency.

The strategy is there. The platform is there. We need a candidate, and now!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Additional Tangential Response to Zahir Ebrahim

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Dear Zahir,

In a letter you carbon copied to me, which is addressed to John Kaminski, you refer to me as if having "common-cause" with John Kaminski:

"Your take in your interesting article which you emailed me this morning, 'Just another Hebrew pharaoh - Egypt today exactly mirrors Bible's phony Exodus story', is evidently similar to this one by your fellow-comrade in common-cause, Christopher Jon Bjerknes:"

What is this supposed "common-cause" to which you refer?

You also state:

"You will also see similar concern expressed in my letter to Christopher Jon Bjerknes for his own blanket usage of the word 'Jews' when he is really referring to the deeds of 'hectoring hegemons' many of whom indeed also happen to be from the Ashkenazi Jewish cabal today.

Why do you post-metanoia boys limit the urge to conquer, to plunder, to be uber alles, only to the Jews?"

What "metanoia" are you attributing to me and what is the basis for your assertion?

Why do you falsely allege that I have stated that, "the urge to conquer, to plunder, to be uber alles, [is limited] only to the Jews?"

Why are you dishonestly criticizing me with strawmen of your manufacture, which thoughts are the product of your mind, not mine?

Would you kindly provide examples in an attempt to substantiate your baseless allegation that I supposedly make, "blanket usage of the word 'Jews' when [***] really referring to the deeds of 'hectoring hegemons' many of whom indeed also happen to be from the Ashkenazi Jewish cabal today."

Has it not occurred to you that the Jews lived in relative harmony with the Muslims, because the Jews created Islam as a reaction to Christianity to provide the Goyim with a more Jewish/Noahidish religion and therefore did not vent their hatred of Christ on Muslims as they do on Christians? Have you never considered the fact that the Jews, Ashkenazi, Sephardic and others, pitted the Christians against the Muslims again and again in history, causing them all to suffer? Is that true harmony, or merely the product of Jewish subversion, cowardice and genocidal animosity; as the Jews hid among the Muslims to attack them and the Christians by agitating them to attack their own and each other?

You falsely assume that because Semitic Jews have lived among Muslims in relative peace, that they were innocent of the conflicts taking place between and among various Christian and Muslim sects. Ashkenazi Jews did not live among Muslims in large numbers, but this does not mean that they did not act with other Jews to harm Muslims directly, and through wars with Christians and others; or that their beliefs differed in relevant ways from other Jews. Askenazi Jews live in great "harmony" (as parasites) with Americans in the same sense that Semitic Jews lived in peace with Muslims, and yet both groups did great harm to America and Islam as Jewry.

This indicates that Americans and Muslims have failed to properly defend themselves from the Jews, not that the Jews, "Eastern" or Ashkenazi, are benevolent towards Muslims and Americans. Your distinctions among Jews are arbitrary and ignore the hostility of Jewry to humanity from its foundational texts onward. You create a fantasy of noble Muslim-loving "Eastern Jewry" (creating fantasies is evidently something you are prone to do) in order to prove with falsehoods that Judaism and Jewry are not evil by their self definition. The fictional characters Moses and Joshua were not Ashkenazi Jews and they were genocidal and racist maniacs.

You try to glorify yourself with your pompous piety in the fantasy world of Islam, but it too demands horror and genocide, and your being a victim of your religious fanaticism does not excuse your submission to these horrible beliefs. There, you see, I do not merely attribute "the urge to conquer, to plunder, to be uber alles, only to the Jews". The Jews including Ashkenazim, Sephardim and others, have used the Muslims' historic desires to attack the Christians, and vice versa. So stop trying to portray yourself as if some pious victim of Whitey. The Pakistani Muslims and Indian Hindus have shed enough of each others blood for you to make yourself ridiculous when you seek to make yourself out to be the paragon of virtue and a poor victim.

In fact, your self image of victimhood, false portrayal of my work, slimy use of flattery and pretense of friendliness to form a basis for attack all have a very Jewish character. . . stench, perhaps a result of your faith in Jewish manufactured mythology which evidently leads you to forgive the Jews as a class, Jewry who have done so much harm to humanity. Your Moses was a vicious hateful freak and you can lick up the spittle of the "Eastern Jews" until you choke on it, and it will make them no less a part of Jewry and no less a part of the Jewish problem. You need and must love the Jews in order to make your delusional religion real to you and in order to fulfill its horrific "prophecies". I have no such self destructive need and live in reality, not religious mythology.

Best regards, and again thank you for your interest in my work!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In Response to Zahir Ebrahim

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have received an open letter from Zahir Ebrahim which requests that I consider modifying my terminology regarding the Jews, and that I justify my right to involve myself in the affairs of other nations.

The letter begins by claiming that the Muslims have always had good relations with "Eastern Jews", meaning not Ostjuden, but rather Semitic and Berber Jews, as opposed to Ashkenazim. I would point out that the supposed ancestors of these same Semitic Jews tried to poison the Prophet Muhammed to death, created the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud, and depending on the definition of bloodlines, Cabalah. I do not seek to criticize Jews because one branch of the Jews (its largest limb) has more Khazarian and European blood than Judaen blood, other than to point out that their descendants never lived in Palestine in large numbers until recently.

I do not wish to criticize Khazarian and European blood, but rather Jews and Judaism. Jews are warring against humanity not because some of them may have a large dose of Khazar blood, but rather because they are Jews and the Jews only exist to perpetrate and perpetuate this war. It would be incorrect and counterproductive to mischaracterize the enemy as "Khazars" when they are in fact Jews and the only reason why this war exists is because they are Jews.

Judaism is an open declaration of war on the human race. It is not incumbent upon me to sift out innocent elements in this Jewish war on my fellow human beings. Any group which calls itself Jewish has as its founding instrument the Torah, which declares war on humanity. Let them try to justify their existence should they wish to separate themselves from other Jews and the Torah.

The Jews created and use the Muslims as a weapon against the Europeans and their descendants, just as the Jews created and use Christendom as a weapon against Muslims and non-Whites. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are, in my opinion, each products of Jewish minds meant to fulfill the Jewish plan to enslave and exterminate humanity. Muhammed produced an Arabic translation of "the Book" and Christianity is the Goys' share of Judaism, a religion of abject slavery and poverty. Muhammed was illiterate and the translation came from Jewish Christians. These Jewish religions lack an advanced Metaphysics, are internationalist and most dangerously, are apocalyptic. They are each based on proven falsehoods and contain internal contradictions which preclude their veracity.

I have the right and responsibility to advise Egyptians on their probable fate because I have studied the Jews and my model of Jewish thought and action has produced several precisely accurate predictions. Take a step back in time and ask yourself if I had the right to tell the Egyptians that the recent stage managed "revolution" was about to take place and that the Egyptians had better organize a nationalist strategy to counter this Jewish subversion. I had not only the right but the duty to do this and this I did do. It is the Egyptians who are at fault for not heeding my warnings and not following my advice, not me for providing them with precisely accurate intelligence, analysis and advice. I know for a fact that leading Egyptians, including royalty, follow my writings. Shame on them, not me.

Would you have preferred it if I had held my tongue then? If not, why should I become silent now, when I can forecast what will happen if my present advice is not followed? Why would I not warn the Egyptians about the dangers I know they face?

Regarding John Kaminski, I have already divulged what I was, and was not, told by Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters and unfortunately cannot provide you with more information other than to again say that Smith/Setters never told me that he was childhood friends with Kaminski, a fact he has since made public after again promoting Kaminski, when Smith/Setters long ago made a circus of attacking Kaminski, a farcical charade that spread across the "alternative media". Kaminski at one time had a relationship with Judy Andreas, and she was once married to Stan Hess, who was a friend of the late James von Brunn. . . small world.

Thank you for your interest in my work and I hope to have answered your questions and concerns which I suspect may have occurred to others.

Monday, February 14, 2011

On the Myth that Greater Numbers Necessarily Equate to Greater Strength

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Expect that the Jews will covertly try to condition the Muslims to accept internationalism in the form of borderless regions, at first forming pan-Arabic and pan-Turkic regions. The Jews will suggest to the Muslims that this is their best means of defense against the Jews and America on the false premise that greater numbers always brings greater strength.

Consider this myth of power through numbers at first on an individual level. Your individual power is your ability to express your will, which will is your natural right and is the dignity of your existence. It is your freedom and why nature made you different from all others such that you might be fitter than others and improve the race.

The old cliché holds that your freedom to express your will to swing your arms ends at someone else's nose. The more others we add to this equation, the less freedom and power you have.

We tolerate the Jews in our society, adding a foreign and hostile element. The Jews engage in terrorism and as a deliberate result we have less freedom and individual power due to the numbers of Jews. Jews cause the problem of terrorism then propose the "solution" of declaring that all Americans are presumed suspect and must suffer the insult, humiliation, degradation, invasion of privacy, and toxic effects of searches at airports. The existence of Jews in our society lessens our individual power and robs us of our freedom in this, and countless other ways.

The Jews out compete others by acting collectively while actively subverting the ability of non-Jews to act collectively. The presence of Jews in society robs the majority of their standard of living and power as individuals. Other groups do the same in a variety of ways, generally weakening the power and freedom of individuals. Their numbers diminish from individual freedom and power.

Including persons who take more than they contribute tends to weaken society. Those who contribute suffer for the existence of those who only take.

In a classroom filled with average students, idiots and geniuses, the level of learning must be reduced to the lowest common denominator, that of the idiots in order for none to be left behind. Individuals suffer for the weaker members of society and a society which seeks to increase its numbers merely for the sake of having larger numbers, or based on a counterproductive "ethical model", which society includes a new source composed of idiots to double its numbers and which society deems it necessary to reduce all to this lesser standard, will diminish the power and freedom of its individuals.

These brief examples should suffice to demonstrate the point that an increase in population through the admittance of foreign elements does not of itself necessarily produce greater strength, and can, and often does, weaken an otherwise strong society.

Now let us consider the effects of Jewish internationalism in the form of pan-Arabism and pan-Turkism. The Jews are prompting the Muslims to call for the internationalization of their countries based on the false suppositions that this will empower the Muslims to face the Jews and Americans. I myself have proposed Muslim unity, but on a nationalistic model, not a Jewish internationalistic model. And the difference is substantial.

On the Jewish international model, Turkey will import massive numbers of foreigners from pan-Islam, and take on regional responsibilities leading it into conflict with Russia, India and China. "Multicultural" and international Turkey will be flooded with disease and cheap labor. The now relatively high class society will degrade to its lowest new elements. The freedoms and power of Turks will be sacrificed to the greater good of the worst in the World. Turks will sacrifice their culture and unity to others and their national will can no longer exist, rather Muslims and Europeans will collectively dictate to Turks how they think and act, and ultimately will enter their genetic pool, and all will be controlled by the Jews. Turkey will disappear and so will Turks. That which is common and makes it a benefit for Turks to have a nation will be erased. There will be no Turkish will, no Turkish interests, no Turkish power nor Turkish freedom to be Turkish.

The same holds true for pan-Arabia. All Muslim strength will cease to exist and will be replaced by Jewish internationalism which will erase all national cultures, freedoms and power to defend the existence of national peoples and their interests and freedoms to be who they are and to be different from others. The new standard will be the lowest common denominator and all will be engineered to reduce all into this sewer of blended garbage. The last legacies of pre-Jewish humanity lingering in the rich and beautiful Islamic cultures will disappear forever, just as China has lost so much under the influence of its Jewish internationalism, both Jewish Marxist and Jewish Capitalist influence.

Greater numbers in the form of Jewish internationalism do not strengthen societies, they utterly destroy them.

On the other hand, if Turks, Egyptians, Iraqis, Saudis, Pakistanis, etc. become the strongest nationalistic Turks, Egyptians, Iraqis, Saudis, Pakistanis, etc. they can become, and then unite in ways which strengthen their selfish national interests, then they could become a strong force to challenge the Jews and help Americans to undo and eliminate Jewish influence. We would then see these societies rising to the highest standards they can individually and collectively produce, rather than the lowest. A Turk need not and should not become an Uzbek nor an Egyptian in order to be a strong and free Turk. Turks are different from Egyptians and have different interests and character to protect and only lose by giving away their national sovereignty on the bogus premise and false promise that it will bring them strength. It will instead erase them from the pages of history.

We have a right to our will, our freedom and our dignity; and the best means to safeguard this right is at present nationalism and the destruction of Jewry which is waging war on us all.