Friday, March 18, 2011

Why, Why, Why? The Strangeness of Greed and the Irrational Basis Upon Which We Often Make Choices

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Even after the Jews bombed them, Japan chose to make nuclear reactors, one of which used plutonium as fuel. They also chose to store spent fuel rods, which contain plutonium, and to build nuclear power plants, in insane locations. Did they make these choices out of greed or were they led to make them on the sophistical basis that they would save Japan?

The plutonium platter was placed before the Japanese and the head on it was their own, and that of America.

Earthquakes can probably be triggered by nuclear bombs placed at strategic locations. Japan and America have long been targets of the Jews. What better for the Jews than to target America and Japan. . . in Japan's case for the second time, for nuclear attack? The Protocols speak of bombs being placed underground. . . an underground bomb could potentially trigger an earthquake.

America has not yet attacked Iran, and what better excuse for attacking Iran's nuclear power plants, than to discredit nuclear reactors? As for fallout risks, what better excuse than a pound of prevention, in exchange for an once of dirty cure?

Strange that the international response has been non-existent, given that every human being on Earth is effected by this crisis, and that plans have been in existence for decades to deal with such emergences and exigencies. Why has Japan gone it alone, if not to prevent a cure? Would not people from poor nations sacrifice their lives for funds given to their families in exchange for placing themselves at "ground hero" and dying?

The equatorial nations and the southern hemisphere will likely fare best in this disaster. Japan and America were and are likely to suffer the worst effects. Interesting that America is slated for war in Africa, which will slay our crippled country.

Since my childhood, I have been warning that nuclear power is a bad, bad mistake. Little good it has done me or my family to suffer the slings and arrows of propagandized Americans.

Strange and dark times. Expect that it will get worse. The Japanese have it worse than us, and are fighting to survive. Let them inspire us to fight.

Things are going to get worse and worse. Expect it, prepare for it, and start to fight, in spite of your demonstrable cowardice. There is nothing to lose.

Obama has done nothing to protect us. Do not believe his lies.

World war is coming, and the nuclear crisis in Japan is a prelude to the death of the northern hemisphere. If the Jews are also planning to destroy the southern hemisphere as rapidly as they are destroying the north, I do not know. But the Earth is dying and you are doing nothing to stop the destruction. Note that every new tragedy, and the orchestrated response to it, destroys the genetics of human beings, and life generally.

It would be redundant to damn you all for your complacency, stupidity and cowardice, for it has already happened. I am not looking forward to seeing you in hell, but hell is coming to us all.