Friday, March 25, 2011

The Jews' Samson Option Has Been Triggered

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews probably never intended that their "Samson Option" would mean an Israeli nuclear attack on those targets it could reach. We do not even know for certain whether or not Israel has any nuclear bombs capable of bringing about the end of the World by beginning a nuclear World War.

We do know that the Jews have controlled nuclear energy and nuclear weapons programs around the globe from the beginning. In order for the Jews to truly destroy the human race with a nuclear attack, they need only target "peaceful" nuclear targets. In order for the Jews to ruin the Earth with nuclear bombs, they would need to use the nuclear weapons of other nations, principally the United States.

The "Samson Option" is really the Jewish mission made practical. It is not simply a propaganda and mind manipulation war, but also a genetic war designed to make human life impossible.

The "Samson Option" is Jewry, it is the Jews' war on us all and it has now commenced in full force. Though given the opportunity and incentive to migrate to Israel, the Jews have not done so. So, the World must now end, pursuant to Jewish "prophecy".

There is no hope but to war back and save whatever can be saved. The Jews will not quit until all are dead. Lay down and die, or stand and fight. No other option exists other than Samsom's murder of the Goyim.

Here's Why the Jews Would Attack Japan

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

No. 1

Because they could! Japan afforded the Jews with an opportune location and situation from which to attack the human race. Amazing how many nuclear power plants the Jews built in earthquake prone regions. Amazing how the Jews stacked the house of cards with tons of plutonium poison in the worst of all possible worlds. Amazing, but surely not coincidental.

No. 2

Japan is America's best ally in Asia and the Jews want to destroy America and all nationalistic and powerful nations. Japan has been a major player in financing our debt and in the currency wars. Destroying Japan affords the Jews the opportunity to destroy America and to profit in the markets.

No. 3

Japan and America provide the Jews with the opportunity to poison the Northern Hemisphere and with it the bulk of humanity and all the nations which pose any challenge to Jewish hegemony in the Jews' "messianic age". The Japanese have ancient traditions, their own language and a strong sense of nationalism. They serve as a reminder of what human beings ought to be, and so must perish from memory in order for the Jews to succeed in killing off all nations.

No. 4

To make nuclear war a palatable act of revenge in a World already dead. When the plutonium cat is already and forever out of the bag what is few bombs more to add to the fire and the fun?

No. 5

To make the currency wars a matter of life and death.

No. 6

To bring death and ruin to humanity and the genes of the human race. The Jews want to destroy creation. They will kill and destroy wherever and whenever they can. You are their target, and you lie still waiting for the bullet to reach you.

No. 7

To encourage Jews to move from Europe, Asia and America, to Israel. Israel faces demographic death and seeks to encourage the emigration of Jews to Israel in every possible manner.

No. 8

To provide a nuclear fog in which to kill off more Palestinians and to internationalize Africa and Europe into one Jewish communist super-State.

Wake up, World! Jewry is on the verge of killing us off. Is it a coincidence that this happens on the verge of 2012, the Jews' chosen year of annihilation of the Goyim? Coincidences of this scale do not exist. Consider whose plan it is to kill us all, then consider who is causing our death.

Why not fight back? Are our children not worth our love?

Who Else, Other than the Jews?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Who else, other than the sickening Jews, declared that all humanity must die so that they can rule the Earth, alone among themselves?

Who else, other than the hideous Jews, openly declared that they would kill off the human race if their experiment in the theft of a nation failed?

Who else, other than the horrid Jews, would poison the nation of Japan, and perhaps the human race, to death?

Who else, other than the genocidal Jews, holds it as their eternal mission to completely destroy everyone else on Earth?

Figure it out, or die as a gullible coward.

Moishe's Law

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews' law, as opposed to Murphy's law, has it that, "Everything that can go wrong, must be made to go wrong, and in the deadliest possible manner." Such is the Lurian Cabalah and its mandate that chaos is good, and disaster, opportunity, deadly opportunity for the deadly Jews to destroy the human being and everything that produces and sustains life.

Among the Jews, No Opportunity Missed to Harm Human Beings

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews are seizing upon the opportunity they likely created in Japan, to attack the essentially defenseless Palestinians, based on a pretext the Jews likely created for the purpose of murder. The Jews are butchers by nature, and under the cover of mass murder, commit mass murder, even against Jews so as to provide a new pretext for the mass slaughter of Goyim.

And so it will be, as long as there are Jews among us.

The Jews' harvest is large and growing. Who knows how many will die agonizing deaths as a result of the nuclear attack on Japan?

And the coming nuclear World War Three, with its sabotage of nearly every nuclear power plant, will bring to an end the Earth's experiment in higher life forms, which beautiful attempt also produced these poisonous Jews. Irony is so ugly when it comes to the Jews, utterly without healthy humor, without any of the sanguine fluid of life, only the unbalanced black and yellow biles and hacking phlegm of Jewry that spills blood wherever and whenever it can.

How much poison does it take to kill us all? How many generations will struggle to survive the Jews' attack on life, before dying a painful death and cursing life itself?

Our ancestors warned us against the Jews. The Jews are the death of us all. To live we must rid ourselves of the curse. Instead, we kill one another for the Jews' benefit.

How many Jews have the Libyans and Egyptians killed? How many Arabs will soon die? How many millions, nay billions, may die as a result of the Jews' Samson option, played out with nuclear power plants, and soon the nuclear arsenals of America and Russia?

And how many Jews must be stopped to prevent this? A coward's toll as the coward and a billion like him hide from a barking Jewish mutt with its hooked nose buried deep in its own deadly dung.

Nature must hate us to death for not fighting for ourselves. The Jews are winning ten million deaths at a time. Their prize is the death of the Earth. They are so gross as to defy language which never anticipated the evil of the Jews. Did the Earth know they were coming, or is their muderous mud from another source?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It Is Time for the Land of the Rising Sun to Finally Arise!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have long admired the Japanese, being a lifetime fan of Japanese art and martial arts, Japanese metal work of the Nineteenth Century in bronze, silver and gold, as well as Japanese cuisine. I even collected Arisaka rifles, due to their strength as evinced by the tests of P. O. Ackley.

Beware, Japanese! The Jews despise you.

You are nationalistic, intelligent and hard working. . . all the things the Jews most hate in Goyim. Your national promise was never allowed to flourish, beyond your use to the Jews to attack Russia and then China so as to make them homelands for Jewry.. The Jews set you up for the Second World War, and then Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You still exist, and the Jews created Red China and North Korea, in part to destroy you.

Know who it is that is your bad luck! THE JEWS!

Splitting the Egg with the Atom

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I wonder if the Jews are planning to destroy the Northern Hemisphere, with the jet stream and ocean currents it contains, while spending a thousand years in the South? A nuclear war limited to the North, would wipe out most of the World's population, but what would be the effects to the South? Surely, not good, but survivable? Who knows. . .

Another "Amazing Coincidence", Or Another Example of the Jewish Model in Action?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back on 11 February 2011, I pointed out the fact that the Jews had been propagandizing us to expect and welcome a military coup d'etat in America, at the very same time that the Jews were preparing for a military coup d'etat in Egypt:

An Amazing Coincidence, Or the Jewish Model in Action? February 11, 2011

It is vitally important to note that this same Jewish propaganda machine has been agitating the Muslims for a dirty bomb attack on Western targets in the form of Cobalt-60, just prior to the nuclear crisis in Japan; and has sought to deny that any of the events leading up to, causing, and perpetuating this crisis could in any way be deliberate. It all just seems a bit too coincidental, and the denials a bit of protesting too much, does it not?

I have long been planning to expose this inhuman call to a monstrous nuclear attack on humanity of agent provocateurs provoking a Cobalt-60 attack on innocent human beings to the light of day, and I should have done it. Too many damn irons in the fires of hell the Jews have ignited for me to oblige all of my responsibilities.

What kind of wretched scum would advocate a Cobalt-60 terrorist attack, which would not only murder innocents, including women, children, and babies, but which would also provide a pretext for nuclear war against Islam? The same type of filth that has sought to vilify human beings for being Muslim without any critique of the Torah or Christianity which predate Islam! These vile snakes are the enemy of every person on Earth. They are clearly working for the highest echelons of Jewish power!

The Jews have always been poisoners of the well, placing stumbling stones and pits before humanity. Why would they not ruin us with nuclear poison, it being their preferred poisonous product?