Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Safer and More Sustainable Method of Cooling the Reactors and Containment Ponds

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



In those tanks of the failed reactors and cooling ponds at Daiichi which cannot be returned to normal cooling functions, there is perhaps a far safer and more sustainable method of cooling the system than simply flooding it. I propose that a moderator fluid be poured into the tanks and that a separate self-contained system into which cooling fluid or gasses can be circulated also be placed in the tanks to cool the moderator and radioactive materials.

In this manner, the fluid which contacts the radioactive materials can be a moderator and remain in place without circulating outside the tanks, or being dumped into the ocean. This fluid can then be cooled with a separate system of a heat exchanger in the tanks, and piping to outside radiators and condensers, which separate cooling system would contain its own fluids or gasses which coolants never mix with the moderator fluid.

The old, failed circulation systems would in this way no longer be needed and the release of radioactive materials into the surrounding environment would be minimized.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Why Did the Jews Hype Flu Risks, But Are Largely Silent on the Dangers of Radioactive Substances?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Panic and chaos are often useful to the Jews. The Jews often view disaster as an opportunity to impart changes which are "good for the Jews". The Jews often manufacture calamities for this very purpose.

Given these well known facts, we must ask ourselves, why are the Jews not trying to panic us about the dangers of radioactive substances? Instead of informing us of the truth, the Jews are trying to reassure us with lies, lies which often confuse radiation exposure with the dangers of exposure to radioactive substances.

The Jews are trying to reassure you because they want you to be exposed to radioactive substances, which will poison you until you die, and then they will poison the remaining human race and all life. The Jews don't want you to do anything to protect yourselves, or to demand that government do anything to help protect you. Instead, they want you to quietly and peacefully ingest poison.

There is a great deal which could be done to help secure our food supply. Instead of consuming grass, our animals could be fed grain stores and purified water until levels of radioactive iodine diminish. Of course we must be concerned with GMO's, but if the levels of radioactive poisons rise, we must have plans to help reduce the volume of this poison in our food.

Far more could and should be done to keep things cool in the reactors and storage ponds in Japan, and to contain the poisoned water and steam emerging from the damaged plant. The international community could have and should do far more to reduce the dangers we face. We could supply storage and filtration systems to curb the release of radioactive materials into the ocean and air. We could force the Japanese to stop poisoning the ocean and atmosphere and could provide alternatives. We must provide systems which contain the coolants and moderators over long periods of time. Then we must reduce the concentration of these materials.

But the governments of the World are largely doing nothing to protect us, because the Jews want us to suffer the effects of radioactive substances.

The Jews scare you with flu so that they can fill you with more poison. Be wise and careful when gauging the behavior of Jewry and its media. If you cannot find consistency in what it at first appears they are doing, look for the universal harm in what they are doing, and there you will find the Jews active. If the Jews can kill you with calm, then they will. If the Jews can kill you with panic, then they will.

Perhaps we could file law suits to force action to contain this disaster. Surely every person has standing not to be poisoned. We must do something more than complain to the poisonous winds as we draw them in for breathe to bitch at covered ears.