Thursday, April 21, 2011

At Long Last, They Are Just Now Beginning to Propose Viable Solutions Which Solve the Problems at Daiichi Rather than Compound Them

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back on April 12, I finally put my thoughts on the best method to cool the reactor and storage ponds at Daiichi on my blog:

A Safer and More Sustainable Method of Cooling the Reactors and Containment Ponds, April 12, 2011

I had these same thoughts almost immediately, which certainly means that anyone with even basic knowledge and common sense must have arrived at the same or similar conclusions as I at the same time or before me. So why is it that only now, after the many disasters, at least two of which have been attributed to completely unnecessary "mistakes" that have and will continue to poison billions of us, why is it only now they are beginning to try to remedy the situation rather than make it worse?

The Tech That Could Help Save Fukushima: Air Conditioning

Since the rods have been damaged, a moderator of some sort would cool them better than water, but I do not know the materials used in the construction of these reactors and which moderator if any can be substituted for water.

If they would release more information and do so in a timely fashion, the whole human race could pool its resources and knowledge to solve this damn problem.