Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Genocides

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I propose that we need an Encyclopedia of Jewish Genocides to document Jewish crimes of genocide against humanity. I could easily incorporate my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians as the first volume in a long series.

The following article outlines but a few of the many genocides the Jews have committed:

Holocausts: Theirs and the Many Ours by Elias Akleh

Add to those the Jewish genocides the Jews claim to have made and those planned in the Old Testament and the Jewish genocides planned in the New Testament and it will be a long series of great importance to humankind. If someone serious will fund the project, I will edit it and perhaps write it all myself.

The Jewish Genocide of Ukranian Christians is at this moment a much discussed topic:

Ukraine: Jewish Supremacists Object to Being Named as Responsible for Manmade Famine

I would also incorporate a volume dedicated to debunking the many myths of the supposed Nazi genocide of Jews.

This would be a series that would doubtlessly alter the course of human events much for the better and expose the Jews as the horrific threat to the continued existence of life that they demonstrably are and always have been.