Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jewry's Slaves: The Christian Zionist Problem Must Be Addressed


The Jews are presently creating the illusion that minorities have taken over America. They do this, in part, to make Whites feel dispossessed. They do this, in part, to make minorities feel empowered.

In reality, the Jews are covertly leading and directing the thoughts and actions of all factions of Whites and nonwhites. The Jews want the Whites to think about revolution and secession and the nonwhites to relish in the thought of making America theirs.

The Jews plans have resulted in a temporary ebb in Christian Zionist power. We have a brief window of opportunity to wage a campaign of enlightenment to wake up the Christians Zionists, who pose a grave threat to humankind, and who will remain an extremely dangerous tool of the Jews, if we do nothing to educate them.

The Jews plan to use the Libertarians and White Nationalists to bring on the disintegration of America along racial lines, which will render the Christian Zionists masters of the Whites, and, hence, Jewry supreme over American Whites to a degree never before seen even among the Jewish dominated Puritans.

At the moment, however, the Jews' focus is on making the nonwhites feel supreme, not on making the Christian Zionists all powerful. This creates an opportunity for us to reach CZ's and show them the error of their ways.

We must use a two pronged approach. On the hand, we must mock and ridicule the CZ's as slaves, traitors, devil worshipers, anti-Christ, stupid, un-American, sexually degenerate in their leadership, un-Christian, etc. We have to make them own the horrors and hate they sponsor when they sponsor and slave for the Jews. Make them own the damage they are doing to our DNA and land as they farm for the Jews. Make it very uncool and unpopular to be a Christian Zionist. Jews and minorities will help us achieve our goals. It is their nature and in their perceived self interests to do so.

On the other hand, we must offer the Christian Zionists a positive alternative to the constant message of death and destruction they hear from the Jews. This message should be the glorification of their European heritage and culture and the importance of family and country. We have to get them busy working on positive projects, rather than cheering and jeering for the Jews and for wars and apocalyptic death. We have to build European centers around America offering activities that benefit our people and scholarships to educate them. We need universities and campus towns where our young can meet and carry on our culture in a positive environment. CZ's have already constructed some of this infrastructure and feel good doing this work. We must channel them away from the Jewish culture of death and genocide and into life building and affirming work.

It is human nature to choose life over death, and the Jews' brainwashing runs contrary to the nature of these Whites. With just a little access to these people, we can turn them to embrace the truth, as the lies the Jews have told them are so easily refuted. The conditioning can be easily reversed, but we must take advantage of this brief opportunity, because the next crisis will make our work infinitely more difficult as the Jews try to unite Whites around the CZ's and render them the leaders of White areas and communities. CZ's control our food supply and are helping the Jews to destroy it.