Saturday, June 23, 2012

Godaddy Is About to Completely Censor JEWISHRACISM.COM

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Godaddy just recently took my money to renew my website and related services. I have not changed anything on the site in years. Now Godaddy is censoring my site off the internet without any specific explanation other than a vague reference to unspecified "complaints". I guess that I am just supposed to assume that if I tell the truth about the murderous Jews, that I will be prevented from speaking. It is now presumably a given that you are not to tell the truth about the vicious Jews.

If you think you have equal rights to freedom of expression, think again. If you tell the truth about the racist Jews, you are aggressively discriminated against. The Jews are an enemy stealing away our most fundamental human rights. We cannot be free humans while the Jews exist. They insist on enslaving us and it is our duty to free ourselves.

If you dare to tell the truth about the Jewish oppression of humanity, the Jews aggressively attempt to muzzle you, while falsely portraying themselves as if advocates of free speech so that they enjoy the "freedom" to monopolize public information and can thereby murder you in silence.

This is not a game, dear reader. The Jews are regularly violating our human rights and poisoning our blood as they tear out our tongues. We have to fight them now or die.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Jewish "Alternative Media" Are Deliberately Frying Your Brain With Their Flip-Flopping on the Ron Paul Sham Candidacy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Paul and the Jews scammed you and you are doing nothing to hold them to account. The Jews are hitting you with a barrage of opposing messages regarding the betrayal, so that you cannot form a rational opinion of what was done to you and by whom.

They are deliberately confusing you and telling you diametrically opposed statements regarding Ron Paul, so that you cannot accuse them of what they say, because they have also said the opposite of what they say, see how it confuses you to the point of dumbfounded inaction? You are asking, "What?" instead of holding them to account for lying to you and using you. They are jewing you, ladies and gentlemen!

Try tuning them out and think for yourselves. It might hurt a little at first, but when you go back and listen to what the Jews are screaming at you from every direction but the truth, you will reject the irritating noise.

The Jews want you to waste your time trying to understand what has happened, rather than taking action to remedy it, hold the Jews to account, and do something in your best interest rather than theirs. You are a sucker on a hook and yours is not to reason why but to be jewed and die.

As Predictable as the Sunrise, the Jews Now Want You Out of Politics

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The very same Jews who fervently encouraged you to participate in the system and support their spoiler candidate Ron Paul, now insist that you step aside from politics and lay down and lick your wounds. When it benefits them, the Jews organize you and use you politically. Then, it is matter of national survival that you participate in politics and vote.

After they kick you in the groin and viciously betray your trust and steal your time and money, they take advantage of your depression to encourage you to wave your political rights and neuter yourself into irrelevance. They utter defeatist slogans and claim it is pointless to participate in politics, at the same calling themselves "patriots". It has happened in every political cycle I have yet to observe, and you fall for it every time.

Never do you step forward to support any authentic opposition to the Jews, and never do the Jews encourage you to do so. Nor do they ever encourage you to take action on your own for your own benefit. Yours is to obey, to fetch when they tell you to fetch, and to lay down when they tell you to lay down.

The reality is that you could organize to authentically oppose the Jews, if only you would try. But since your Jewish "alternative media" heroes keep you entertained and allow you to pretend to yourselves that someone is in charge and is doing something, you do nothing. You are an eviscerated corpse, not a human being. You fall into their same trap every time.

Beware of Swastikas and Crosses, They Are the Jewish Letters Aleph and Tau, the Marks of the Jewish God, the Devil, and His Genocidal Designs

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The "alpha and the omega" of the Jewish Bible are in fact the ancient Hebrew letters aleph and tau, which originally took the form of a swastika and a cross. Christians mark their foreheads with a cross so that Jews will spare them as they once supposedly spared their own when committing genocide against the Goyim. See:

The cross, the Hebrew tau, is a mark of obedience for the dogs who obey their Jewish masters. It sometimes takes the form of an X as in Malcolm X and the X Manson and his followers scribed into their foreheads. It is also the form a sword with hilt and guard takes, marking the Goyim as Esau who will soldier and slave for the Jews. On a Goy, it is the mark of a willing slave and it is designed to play a key role in the genocide of the Goyim. It is a symbol of hate and genocidal murder and the Jewish god's plan to destroy all Goyim.

So wear the cross with pride, you most foolish of fools, and realize that it signifies to Jews your end. That is why they wag it in your face to mock you.

The swastika, the hooked cross, is the Jewish letter aleph, and it signifies the birth of power of the Jewish god over the Goy gods. When the Goyim mark themselves with the swastika, they are signing the lease of the Earth over to the Jews and pledging the end of the times of the Gentiles and the beginning of the Sabbath millennium for the Jews.

Look into it, you'll be surprised what you find.

The Most Popular Jews of History Were, to a Man, Perverse and Genocidal Racists

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Let's start with Jesus. Jesus was a Jewish vampire who demanded that his followers eat his flesh and drink his blood in order to obtain eternal life. The early Christians, nearly all Jews, aborted their children, ground up the fetuses and ate them. It has been a common practice among Jews throughout their history to murder their first born children as a holocaust. Jesus called Gentiles dogs (Matthew 15:26) and prophesied horrific genocidal wars in which he would genocide all the Goyim and make the Jews the sole inheritors of the Earth (Matthew 24). He never married, seemingly never dated a woman and never fathered a child. According to the Jews, he was the son of a prostitute. He effectively committed suicide to save the Jewish nation.

Now that I have your attention, let's move on to an equally famous Jewish saint, another one of the top two claimed to be heroes of Western Civilization, Albert Einstein. Einstein derived from a family of Jewish inbreds and eventually married a member of his family and fornicated with her daughters, to whom he was also related by blood. He abandoned his first wife, after repeatedly cheating on her, and he abandoned his children. Einstein was a career plagiarist and an habitual liar. He betrayed the nation that gave him life in a time of war. Einstein was a genocidal racist who called for the genocide of Germans and stated that the use of atomic bombs on the Japanese was justified. He hoped that the Europeans would be destroyed and that the Asians would take their place. He was a racist Zionist nationalist and in typically Jewish hypocritical fashion was concomitantly and concurrently an internationalist Communist. Jews had the sole right to be nationalists, according to racist Einstein. According to Einstein, what was good for the Jews was never good for the Goyim. See my article:

How Einstein Helped Hitler, December 04, 2007

Now I could move on to more ancient Jews/Hebrews like Abraham, Moses and David, a clan of racist pimps, mass murderers and genociders; but there is even more proof that they never existed than there is proof that Jesus never existed. They are also more heroes only to the Jews, these days, now that Hollywood has settled down on their glorification. I could mention such heroes to the Jews as Trotsky and Kaganovich, two of the bloodiest bastards ever to have cast a shadow on mother Earth, but again they are heroes only to Jews and no one sane. The same is true of the Israeli genocidal Prime Ministers, the terrorist clan of Israeli Prime Ministers.

It seems that to be a beloved and feted Jew, a Jew the Jews will glorify for all their time to come, a Jew must seek the genocide of at least one Goy people, if not all Goyim, must be a sexual deviant, and, most importantly, must be an absolutely racist Jew.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Were the Jews Behind Charles Manson's False Flag Terrorism?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Some time ago, I began looking into Charles Manson's motivations for committing false flag terrorist murders. The fact that the murders were false flag attacks meant to both scapegoat blacks, and to inspire blacks to war against whites, led me to wonder if there might have been Jewish involvement behind Manson's acts and philosophies. I also noted that the attacks on President Ford by Manson's followers fit with the historical role Jews have played as political assassins, both directly and indirectly.

Manson identifies himself with Idi Amin in the following statement:

Amin was a puppet of the Jews with intimate connections to and close friendships with the highest authorities in Israel. He served to provide sympathy for Israel and Jews and helped to arm Israel by providing them with a bogey man to justify their aggression as if self defense. See my article:

Idi Amin Dada Was a Controlled Opposition Agent Trained by and Working for the Israelis, May 16, 2010

The Jews wanted a war between blacks and whites and sought American sympathy for Jewish aggression into Africa. Jews and Israel always supported Apartheid South Africa, and there were arms deals and work on nuclear weapons between them. Jews believe that blacks are cursed to eternal bondage.

Charles Manson sought to bring about a race war between blacks and whites, and the Apocalypse, by means of Jewish style false flag terrorism by scapegoating blacks for his murderous crimes with planted evidence making it appear that the Black Panthers had committed the murders. That was very Jew-like behavior and this aspect of Manson's crimes receives comparatively little attention in the media.

Susan Atkins was a member of the Manson gang. She had once worked with Jewish Satanist Anton LaVey as a vampire stripper. Atkins ascribed blame for her involvement with Manson to LaVey, a claim which LaVey vehemently denied. It is interesting to note that LaVey published his book The Satanic Bible in 1969.

Like LaVey, Manson once shaved his head and declared himself to be the devil. Manson tatooed a Swastika on his forehead to benefit the Jews by giving them a fear symbol to serve as their raison d'etre.

This is, of course, by no means any kind of proof that Jews were behind Manson. It is merely smoke that emits a Jewish stench from his murders.

I note in passing that Sharon Tate was carrying the Jew Roman Polanski's child, and that she had starred in his film The Fearless Vampire Killers. I also note that Marilyn Manson, so named after Charles Manson and born in 1969, had a connection to LaVey:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Einstein's work, Bjerknes wants to argue, is Jewish science."--Steven Gimbel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Steven Gimbel concludes in a lengthy statement regarding my work in his book Einstein's Jewish Science: Physics at the Intersection of Politics and Religion, that,

"Einstein's work, Bjerknes wants to argue, is Jewish science."

Gimbal has misunderstood me. Einstein's work is plagiarized and fundamentally irrational Metaphysics, not science at all. It is true that its popularity is the product of typical Jewish racism, hype and dishonesty. Jews believe that they must never praise a Goy unless it is done in a way to glorify Jews or their hateful and racist Jewish god. See my article:

The Racist Jewish Attitude Towards Those Whose Work Albert Einstein Plagiarized, December 03, 2006

What is typically Jewish about Einstein's work is that it is based on lies, plagiarism and irrational Metaphysics. As such, it should never be confused with science. Jews believe the property of Goyim belongs to Jews because the Goyim rejected the Jewish god's offer to become in effect Jews. See my article:

The Jewish Problem, Part 3: The Jews in Banking, January 05, 2009

It is well known that the Jews have long dominated the media and use it for their perceived self interests, which rarely includes the dissemination of the truth. Instead the Jews use the media to smear those who tell the truth about Einstein's work, and always have.

The Jews are also notorious censors and thieves, who regularly violate fundamental human rights. If you want to read one of my books about the dishonest and racist Zionist Jew Albert Einstein you can find it here, that is if it is not yet removed:

The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein

There is no science in Einstein's Jewishness, just dishonesty, racism, irrationality, treachery and thievery.

The Ron Paul Debacle Exposes Jewry's Greatest Vulnerability: Numbers

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Thankfully, there are not enough Jewish vampires to take away your fundamental human rights, your health, your nation, your living environment, your safe food and water or your government, without your willing compliance. The fact that the Jews were forced to manufacture the Ron Paul myth and shove it down your eager throats proves that they did not believe they could shoe horn Mormon Zionist Romney into the White House, or ruin us with a gold standard, without your help.

Since Jewry kept you from learning how to reason deductively or inductively, allow me to explain to you how this proves that you can defeat the Jews if only you will try, and let me explain this to you before I am completely silenced. The Jews often try to wash the internet clean of any mention of an individual, before they assassinate him or her. It looks like they will Jew me out of, probably within a week. I would not be surprised if the Jews were trying to steal away my blog as well. It is their habitual and instinctive way to steal, cheat, murder, wrongfully imprison, enslave and lie. They have committed the worst crimes humanity has endured, and criminals always try to hide their crimes. Consider the fact that the Soviet Union was a thoroughly Jewish enterprise.

While pondering the murderous Jews Trotsky, Kaganovich, etc. and their genocidal rampages that slaughtered tens of millions, and while you have Lysenko and the KGB and its predecessors and their perverse torture, imprisonment and murder of anyone who spoke truths they would silence in favor of Jewish lies; consider how better able you are to combat the Jews than were the post "revolution" Russians, who foolishly helped the Jews to enslave and genocide them, the same way you foolishly supported the Jewish "Ron Paul Revolution". You see, when the Jews assumed absolute power on the backs of the stupid Russians who helped them, they no longer had any need of Obamas or Pauls.

They can't kill you without your consent in this fleeting land of the free home of the brave. So if you manage somehow to pluck your head from your pit and look around you at the countless Jews who are deliberately misleading you and opt instead to do something for yourselves that actually benefits you and the human race, then you can counterattack your enemy and secure your life and your liberty. Otherwise, you are doomed by the Jewish Bible to slavery and absolute genocide of your kind in favor of absolute Jewish dominance over the Earth.

For once, learn something from your mistakes before it is too late.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Get It While You Can!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Oh, ho ho, did I touch a nerve when I exposed what a slime Ron Paul is, and what slugs you are for supporting him! They surely do not want me exposing the fact that the "alternative media" is largely run by the Jewish bankers and their gold bug fleas.

The Jews are presently furiously attacking my website rights and trying to shut me down. I don't expect you to do anything to help me. I know you won't. You're too chicken to fight for yourselves, let alone me, and you just read my work for the fun of it.

But if you want the content you better get it now, because the Jews are very good at taking away the human right of free speech and you won't find many of the things I say anywhere else.

It was impossible for me to access my yahoo account for Jewishracism for most of the day today, despite the fact that all of my other yahoo accounts worked well. First time that has happened in more than a year. Today, domains by proxy revoked my privacy rights for alleged TOS violation. Who is it that doesn't want you reading my work and why?!

It's good to be back. Don't be surprised if they murder me.

Would It Have Been So Hard?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

America is rapidly turning into an immigrant dumping ground. We have no need for this massive influx of people and no means to support them or ourselves with the new burdens they bring. Our culture is deteriorating and our cities are becoming ever more crowded with no benefits to the native population.

The Jews have completely dominated the election cycle and will bring us into new wars as they continue to destroy all of the economies of the World. They only have this power because you yield it to them through default.

You do absolutely nothing meaningful to assert your rights as a human being.

Would it have been so hard to have formed a political party that told the uncompromised truth? Would it have been so hard to have prevented the coming famine, war and pollution that might well claim the entire human race?

Is it easier to face without fighting the constant attack on your dignity, genes, future, land, air, water, nation, children, homes, etc. etc. etc.? Does it make you feel comfortable and at ease sitting doing nothing as they destroy you? Are you OK with the millions of murders you have committed against Arabs and Afghans? Does not bother you enough to shed one genuine tear, does it? And you really don't care that the next generations will soon be completely infertile and riddled with cancers and deformities, do you? You got yours, screw 'em, right?

Why should you be bothered to fight back, before they start butchering you and yours in the streets and the gulags? What's a little torture from a sick Jew in the future when you can sit back and enjoy the entertainment today?

Maybe you are right. You just can't be bothered to do anything to save yourself, let alone your neighbor. How many more can we murder anyway? Just a few billion and then the job is done, and why not, isn't that what the Jewish god wants? Must be good, right?

It would have been too hard to form a community and build a better place for our children. The Jews try to convince us that real heroes just pick up a gun and slaughter a few dozen people, according to the Jews, heroes don't organize or do anything productive. But that is exactly what we must do to be true heroes, stop murdering, and start organizing and doing productive work.

My fellow Americans, why don't you stop murdering? Why don't you stop poisoning? Why don't you become human? Why don't you stop obeying the inhuman Jews? Why don't you acquire a shred of decency upon which to pin the future? It really isn't that hard. There really isn't any other option if you would live on through your children and theirs.

The Ugly Spectacle of the Jewish Ron Paul Spin

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish propaganda apparatus that created the "Ron Paul Revolution" has now entered the phase of its campaign where it must cover up its complicity in the Ron Paul duplicity. The Jews continue to lie to the stupid suckers who poured their blood, money and soul into the pansy Paul.

They lie and claim that Paul is a good man who was forced to betray you. But they do not demand that this allegedly good man be a man, tell the truth, and ask you to help defend him. They do not offer to protect pansy Paul from being plucked. Rather they only seek to forgive his betrayal and theirs of your trust and support by alleging without any evidence whatsoever that Paul was coerced and pressured and did not play you for fools for his entire career.

Why is there no "Tell the Truth, Ron!" movement among his supporters? Why is there no call to arms to protect poor meek little old Ron? I'll tell you why, because the Jews who lied to you so that you would support Paul know they are lying when they falsely claim that he was pressured, and if they uttered a peep asking him to ask you for help, they know Paul would immediately disown them, just as he disowned the 9/11 Truth Movement and the Vote Fraud Movement.

Obama was to be change, and Paul was to be the ultimate change, a Revolution. They are the same old Jewish puppets, old whine in new skins, and the drone is the same, Israel first, America never. Face it, fools, they suckered you and seek to suck you still till you are dry and blow away.

So why don't you idiots who supported Ron Paul demand your money back? Why don't you start a Ron Paul Ripped Us Off movement and insist that he return the money he stole from you? I'll tell you why you won't do it, because the Jews won't do it for you and when that is the case, you are impotent. You are followers, not leaders. You became Libertarians because the Jews told you that is what smart people do, and you are too stupid to know otherwise.

You are Goyim, stupid. Yours is to obey, not demand accountability. They spit in your face and stole your money. What are you going to do about it? Nothing!

You Libertarians are supposed to be the vanguard, isn't that how you see yourselves. Stupid suckers! Same Jewish drivel as Communism and it attracts the same stupid selfish psychopathic personality type. You think you are superior and you're the most enslaved.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Well Trained Dogs Only Obey Their Masters

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

American, you were taught from birth to revere and bow down before a Jew named Jesus and his father, the Jewish god. You were taught that a Jew, Albert Einstein, was the smartest person ever to have lived. They showed you naked dead Jews and told you the worst thing that could ever happen is to kill a Jew and that any nation that warred with Jewry is inherently evil.

They trained you to listen to the media and authority and doubt your ability to stand alone for what you believe to be true. If two people sitting next to you applaud an idea you at first found repugnant, you have been trained to bend to their will and doubt yourself. You were trained to find Hollywood Jews beautiful, funny and wise, never threatening or evil.

It is difficult to unlearn that which you have been taught from birth. It is difficult for old dogs to learn new tricks, or to obey anyone other than their master. Jews have been your master all your life, and you reflexively obey them and look to them to lead you.

When they decided to make Ron Paul your hero, a Hollywood Jew set out to glorify him. Jews who dominate your "alternative media" demanded that you like him. And you obeyed. It is the only talent you were allowed from birth to have.

When I told you the truth about Ron Paul, Jews, many of them crypto-Jews, smeared me and you did nothing to resist their lies. You have been taught to obey Jews and media, and that is what you dutifully and unconsciously did. You can't break out of it and develop a healthy distrust of Jewry or the culture of obedience in which they have reared you, their obedient slaves.

This latest generation is being taught to loath and distrust whites, especially in leadership roles. Many Jews are a little off-white and play the victim of whites, so you don't mind their telling you what to do even as they tell you to turn away in disgust from your own kind. The Jews did the same to blacks for thousands of years.

When the Jews in the "alternative media" praise one another and tell you how to think and who to trust and who not trust, they are continuing your obedience training and forever schooling you to look to Jewry to define for you who you are and what you are allowed to do, and what you are not allowed to do. And you obey and follow as you have always done. You turn away from reasonable instructions because the Jews work together like a pack of wolves to dissuade you from learning the truth, and instead follow the group, and the Jews are very careful to pull together to control the dynamics of any group of interest to them. Together, they denounce anyone who genuinely threatens them, and together, they praise those on their team; and you my dear reader have been trained from birth to yield to these simple tactics, and you do.

You have been trained to only buy it if it is in a kosher package. You have yet to develop the survival instinct to find your enemy repugnant to the point of immediate and deep disgust, and the Jews are very careful to see to it that you never do. That is why they clown and front and control every major movement against them and use it to their advantage. They want you to be satisfied with the entertainment they provide you as they drain the blood from your veins, while you quietly and obediently fade away into death.

They fight with each other for your entertainment. They ridicule Jews in ridiculous ways for your entertainment. But they never let you organize into a force to counterattack them. They subvert the discipline of any power structure with ridicule, paranoia and misdirection leaving you chasing your tail and looking to them for direction, and you follow, because that is what you have been trained to do.

Because you, and I mean you reading this personally, because you allowed the Jews to control the presidential politics of America, terrible things will happen and nothing good will come of it. Millions if not billions will die. Whites will come under increasing attack.

And now you are just supposed to ignore the gravity and horror of the situation as the Jews entertain you with their antics about Romney and Paul and skirt all the blame for what they have led you to do to yourselves and the rest of humanity. You are just dogs after all, and it is yours to obey, not think, but you must only obey your masters as comes naturally to trained animals. And you do, and you will, and you evidently cannot do otherwise.

Perhaps this is why societies rot when infected with Jews. Generation after generation becomes better trained to hate itself and obey the parasite that has latched onto its flesh.

Soon you will learn the horror you have inflicted on the human race and all living things when you allowed the Jews to completely dominate the American political process in this election cycle. It is your fault and humanity will suffer deep and unhealing wounds because of you. Ponder for a moment how you have killed millions and see if you still find the farce the Jews fart in your face daily as entertaining and unimportant. Now cower from even your own cowardice and deny to yourself how horrific what you have done truly is and absolutely deny any responsibility for your crimes. After all you are just a dog and dogs just obey, and only obey their masters.

American Dodo Birds

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back when Mike Rivero and other Jews and Gold Bugs in the "alternative media" were pushing Obama on us as if our best hope for America, I was warning you that Obama is the Jewish bankers' puppet and would bailout the banks if elected President. Many Jews tried to smear me, literally both left and right. You did nothing to defend yourselves, your country or me from the attack. As a result, we have all suffered horrible wrongs.

Back when the Jews and the Gold Bugs including Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, Israel Shamir, Aaron Russo, Ryan Dawson, Milton Kapner, etc. etc. etc. were shoving the treacherous snake Ron Paul down our throats as if our only hope for saving America, I was warning you that Ron Paul is the bankers' pet and would serve them as a spoiler candidate and a voice for the deadly gold standard.

At that time, my life was threatened and I and my family were directly attacked, almost killed. Jews and Libertarians waged smear campaign after smear campaign against me, but you did nothing to defend yourselves, your nation or me.

Many of you have the audacity to call yourselves "patriots", but you are the best weapon the Jews have against America, because you pretend to yourselves and others that you are brave and smart, when in fact you are stupid and cowardly. You are too stupid and too cowardly even to hold those Jews who misled you to account, let alone doing anything to correct the wrongs you have helped them inflict on America. You are as bridled today by their bullspit as you ever were and the edge of the cliff grows near.

To merely call you "useful idiots" would be generous. You are also used up cowards. You are three times bitten and still shylocked into your suicidal habit of inaction when it comes to helping yourselves, and rabid support when it comes to helping your enemy.

I was a lonely, nay, lone voice when I questioned the cause of the Fukishima attack immediately after it happened. I was a lone voice when I questioned who was really behind the Chernobyl attack many years before Fukishima:

Was Chernobyl an Accident, or Yet Another Jewish Attack on the Ukraine? December 23, 2008

And who is it now who parrots what I said then? Do they acknowledge my work? And who is it that seeks to hide what I and the parrots have said?

All of this horror could have been prevented if you had acted on the warnings I gave you years in advance. We now have no good option for President, because of you. Blame only the Jews and the hosts of heaven if you will, in your stupidity and cowardice, but the fault for our falling star lies also in the lies you tell yourself and others, but are too stupid and too cowardly to admit even to yourself. I warned you, and you are just as guilty as they.