Monday, July 02, 2012

If Russia and Red China Are Controlled by the Jews, Then Why Would They Ever Oppose Israel or the USA?


Imagine, if you will, a courtroom in America where a young indigent black male stands accused of murdering a pro-White politician. The judge is a Jew. The prosecutor is a Jew. The jury are all Jews. The real murderer is a rabbi.

Now, who would the Jews want defending this innocent man, a sincere, talented and successful lawyer who will do his or her best to free the falsely accused family man, or a corrupt Jew public defender who will deliberately subvert the defense? Of course, the Jews who murdered the politician will seek to have one of their own representing the man whom they have chosen as a patsy.

This is how the Jews operate in international politics. When they want to destroy a nation, they pour arms into the country, arming at least two factions to the teeth, so that the People of that country have the means to slaughter themselves and weaken the country. The Jews instigate a "revolution" and initiate strikes and terrorist attacks to destroy the economy and turn the People against their own State.

This is why the Jewish controlled superpowers must appear to be in opposition to one another. The USA will arm one side while China and Russia arm the other side. The USA will support one side in the UN while China and Russia support the other side.

But the support, including the international media support, is always greater for the team that the Jews want to win. In this way, the People of the target nation are forced to turn to their enemies, the Jewish controlled superpowers, for help, and they always get screwed. They always grow weaker and only obtain assistance which enables them to kill one another or justify a massive military attack by the superpowers. It is easier for America or Russia to annihilate a nation without international public opinion turning against them, if the target nation offers at least a minimum of military resistence, so one side or the other ensures that the arms are there, often antiquated or down right obsolete arms.

So when Putin and Obama appear to be at odds with one another, odds are they setting up some country to suffer for the Jews' sake. It is good cop, bad cop, and the accused always falls prey to both sides. Consider how the Jews pitted a People against itself with "revolution" and "civil war" in such countries as Vietnam and Korea. . . and the USA. Note that the Jews had Koreans slaughtering Koreans, Vietnamese slaughtering Vietnamese and Americans slaughtering Americans, all for the benefit and profit of the Jews. Instead of fighting the Jews, the Goyim genocide their own, just as the Jews tell them to do.

Now consider why it is that the crypto-Jews in the "alternative media" are constantly promoting revolution in America; promoting false saviors including the Jew Jesus, Ron Paul, Ahmadinejad, Putin, Erdogan, etc.; never organize an authentic counter-attack against the Jews; and deliberately subvert American morale by announcing that America is already destroyed and that the only hope is to look to supernatural forces or America's enemies for help. And almost always, these crypto-Jews tell us to buy gold and silver, and guns! They are setting us up for the slaughter. Now, don't misunderstand me. I am not opposed to gun ownership, per se. I am opposed to gun ownership for the purpose of slaughtering fellow Americans.

I wrote about this two years ago in the following article, back when the crypto-Jews were broadly smearing me for exposing Ron Paul and his Jewish agenda:

Would You Cut Your Own Throat to Cure Strep? December 05, 2010

"I am beginning to wonder about the Russian psychological war being waged on the 'patriot movement' and its ties to the gold and silver cartel. Why are so many featured in anti-American, pro-Chinese and pro-Russian, Russian television propaganda? Didn't David Duke have a Russian girlfriend? What is going on?

Why is the 'patriot movement' trying to make it cool to hate America? Why are they promoting China and Russia? All of this reminds me of the Jewish subversives during the Vietnam war who used it, a war the Jews manufactured and perpetuated, as a means to promote anti-Americanism. Why would American 'patriots' cheer the demise of America and the rise of China and Russia?

We should not gargle acid to cure strep, nor should we move about in the night to ward off Jewish vampires. We should instead release their fangs from our throat and celebrate, rather than denigrate, ourselves. We should seek to bolster our economy, not destroy it.

Beware Jews in Christian and Muslim clothing who tell you to literally surrender your life to the Jewish god, and to Putin, and to the Communist Chinese. Surely, they are not your friends. They are Jews and it is in their blood to betray you.