Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Getting to the Know the Jewish God: Beware the Jewish Messiah, Abraxas

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

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About the time Jesus the Jew is claimed to have lived, the Jews were deeply submerged in black and white magic. The Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament, is completely devoid of any Metaphysics. It is simply a training manual on how to obey the genocidal Jewish god, the Devil. The Jews wanted more than "the Law" and started to believe that the law had been fulfilled.

A new Jewish Metaphysics emerged rooted in Chaldean and Egyptian magic, as well as the Mithras myth and Hindu myths, among other prominent influences, including Heraclitean and Eleatic philosophies which form the basis of what was to become the Cabbalah. This new Jewish Metaphysics placed the Jewish god outside the realm of the physical and the knowable. This devil became the Ein Sof of Jewish myth.

With the destruction of the Temple (at the instigation of crypto-Jews) and the annual pronouncement of the Devil's name, even the Jewish god's horrible name became ineffable. Jews hack their spittle when they speak and their ancient alphabet lacked vowels, so it is not known how to pronounce the Devil's name, such that Jews call it Adonai when inculcating new Jewish monsters into the deadly myth, and otherwise simply Hashem.

One product of the new Jewish metaphysical myths was Jesus, and in this myth we find Jewish magic crystallizing into vampirism, duality of good and evil, reincarnation and the transformation of gods into men, and men into gods through vampirism. The Ein Sof of Cabbalah is not created, rather creation comes from it ex nihilo. For man to know the Jewish Devil, it must become something physical, hence the Jewish Jesus myth. And what better for the Devil to manifest itself as than the king of the Jews, the redeemer and genocidal maniac of Psalms and Isaiah? Not content to merely kill off non-Jews, the Jews even have their king destroy all corrupted creation to make way for a new heavens and Earth, in their poisonous black magic mythologies.

It is interesting that Christians condemn Cabbalah, while practicing it in its original form. And it is no wonder that Shabbataians have no problem posing as if Christians, because Christianity is Cabbalah, in that both practice the worship of the Jewish king as if the bodily manifestation of Ein Sof, both practice human sacrifice, both believe good and evil come from their god, both worship androgyny, both are revolutionary Communists, and both seek the absolute destruction of all creation. I hear you duped Christians crying foul, so indulge me as I inform you about the roots of your Cabbalistic myth.

Where to begin? Let's start with the Cabbalistic myth of reincarnation. The Jews believe in reincarnation, as did many ancient mythologies. Christians have Jesus resurrected and returning. The Jews have the same myth in the form of their king being a dynasty with each new annointed generation of king becomming the physical embodiment of the Ein Sof.

Jesus came to be called Abraxas and was identified as the iota, alpha, omega of Heraclitean and Eleatic myth. Abraxas is symbolized as a male body with a rooster head and snake legs. These symbols represent the Christian belief in Jewish dualism, i.e. that good and evil come from the Jewish god and both are equally important and useful. Cabbalah and Christianity are the same and both practice and worship evil. This is why Freemasonry so well serves the Jews, because it recognizes this common element in Judaism and Christianity. Christians, most of them, are too stupid and psychopathic to understand that their desire to destroy all mankind and the heavens and the Earth and to send all non-Christians to eternal damnation is evil, but it can rightfully be called nothing else. They are hateful and evil to the core, which is no surprise given that they are spiritual Jews practicing Cabbalah. Christians even call themselves the Elect, which means the Chosen of the Jewish god.

Christians believe that the Jewish god sacrificed itself to them, making them gods with the gift of eternal life. The early real Christians made a ritual of consuming their semen, menstrual waste and aborted fetuses all in an effort to kill creation and consume the light of the Ein Sof. Jews, real Jews, pass their firstborn children through the fire for the same purpose.

Jesus was weak, effeminate and evidently asexual or homosexual or bisexual. He preached brotherly love, meaning orgiastic homosexuality and bisexuality. Shabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank were the same, androgynous freaks. Catholic clergy marry themselves to the Jewish god, and the early real Christians practiced communal infertile sex. Christianity and Cabbalah are the same.

Christians are revolutionaries seeking to destroy all nations and establish a Jewish kingdom to rule all. They destroyed the original cultures of Europe and demand absolute obedience from all to their destructive myths. Jews are the same.

Christians are Cabbalistic Jews and spread the same poison, which calls for the destruction of all this World. There is one major difference, though. Christians are slaves, and Jews, their masters.