Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Jewish Genocide of the Native American Whiteskins


A few centuries ago, the Jews sent Christopher Columbus over to the Americas in search of a new homeland for the Jews. Europeans had tremendous technological advantages over the Native American "Redskins" and chased them onto ever shrinking reservations in their own land, then eventually genocided them.

The Jews have a similar plan to eliminate the new Native Americans, the Whiteskins. They are dumbing you down and encourage you to abandon your civilization and envision yourselves as primitive savages living off the land. They are Bolshevizing you with a bizarre and brutal romanticism of the postmodern savage, be it in the form of an Amish wannabe, or a barricaded and isolated prepper.

The Jews have you dreaming of forcing yourselves onto reservations in your own land, prisons which will shrink as the lands of Palestine have shrunk, as you will negotiate with the treasonous and aggressive Jews for less and less of what is already your own land.

At the same time, the Jews are helping the Asians to seize the technological advantage over you in preparation for their takeover of America and concurrent genocide of the Native American Whiteskins.

And who is it who is planting these suicidal thoughts in your gullible heads? The Jews' controlled opposition of Libertarians and many White Nationalists.

But the Redskins were at least brave enough to fight for their land. You are cowards who prefer retreat and inevitable death, to the fight. It is pathetic and sickening to see how gullible and cowardly so many of you are. Will you never wake up and realize that the easiest and only sane course of action is to stand and fight for yourselves, your families and your nation? Has the millions of years of animal evolution left you without any will to survive, any fight instinct to counter your cowardly desire to take flight? How can you let a tiny minority lead you by the nose into the slaughter house with a few psychological parlor tricks and a controlled opposition? Have you no brains at all, or have you lost them together with your ba***?

The Keys to White Survival in the 21st Century


I am deeply concerned that Whites are being deliberately misled by the White Nationalist and Libertarian movements to pursue policies which can only result in the eventual demise of White People. I will begin with the push for secession.

White People should never concede land. Instead, Whites should increase their holdings of land, for many reasons, several of which will be addressed below.

Rather than seeking to balkanize America, Whites in America should secure the territory and then go to war against the Jews who are Bolshevizing Canada. Then we should bring Canada into the fold through annexation, so as to prevent a massive immigration of Asians and Africans into our Northern borders, and so as to increase our gene pool.

If Whites are duped into secession, Asians and Africans will flood into our new neighboring countries. The Jews will cut us off from the money markets and will cut off our supplies of oil and food. We will not last one generation. And then all our land on the American Continent will be lost.

Our primary objective must be to secure the health of our genetics. Land is vital to this necessity of our long term survival. If we allow neighboring lands to become polluted and the land to be raped, our lands will turn into desert. Our water, air and soil will poison us and our genes. We must claim as much land as we can so as to preserve it, and thereby, preserve our genes and our living environment.

The vast territory of America and Canada provide us with tremendous military advantages which would be immediately lost upon secession. We would no longer control both coasts and all our borders, but instead would immediately see a wave of immigration that would present us with a billion enemies on our shores. It is the height of insanity to consider giving up our nearly ideal military advantages as a concession to our enemies, rather than destroy those enemies and preserve our natural advantages.

If Whites secede, or even begin to seriously discuss the process of secession, we will become Palestinians negotiating with the Jews over how much of our own land we are permitted to live upon. Rather than talk of a two State solution, the World should drive the Jews out of the Palestinians' lands. Such concessions are suicidal. The Jews will relentlessly push the massive populations they will import to America to takeover more and more of our land and will eat us alive, just as we did to the Native Americans. This ridiculous and suicidal talk of secession is a call for us sounding from our eternal enemies to place ourselves on reservations that will shrink until gone.

We will lose our industry and our farmland, as well as our bicoastal infrastructure. Our military will go to our enemies as will our military secrets, which are all known to the Jews. It will become easy for our enemies to launch and wage war against us, and they will have an easy time engaging in biological and ground attack, as well as maintaining air bases on our immediate borders from which to attack us.

Our allies in Europe will no longer look to us for support, nor provide it to us, because we will have become pathetically weak and a liability for them, rather than an asset. Europeans will also grow weaker as European Americans lose power, and so become a weaker ally to us in a vicious cycle of mutual degradation.

Some of those pushing for secession are also encouraging the idea that Whites ought to adopt an Amish type of lifestyle, in an age where a technologically advanced society can destroy such a group in a matter of days, if not hours. On the other end of this nihilistic, Bolshevistic scheme of rotten advice, the Libertarians are advising the wealthy to abandon all social responsibility and wage class warfare on those who work for them. It is a deliberate push from above and below to destroy all classes of White society and render us impotent and completely uncompetitive within a few decades.

We should instead be building state of the art universities and securing our technologies as our property alone. We should be training our children to out think and out compete all others in every field. We will need our people to save us from the toxins and genetic damage we have endured under Jewish rule. We will need the genius of our people and the advanced technologies they can create to enable us to defeat our enemies and to prosper and out compete all others. Yet these supposed leaders of our resistance want to turn us into a balkanized branch of a banana republic hacking our way through jungles of inferiority with dull machetes as the Asians eat us alive with their advancing technologies and numbers. These leaders are Bolshevizing you, Whites. Listen to them speak of their histories and hear how so many of them come from radical liberal backgrounds. They are a form of neo-Con Trotskyite turned hard right and their goal is to dupe you into destroying yourselves.

The primary necessity for White survival is the preservation of healthy and productive White genes in a land that promotes that health and productivity. We need clean and healthy territory to grow our populations and preserve them while increasing our genetic pool. The Jews are spreading radioactive materials around the globe. The Jews are passing legislation that fills our bellies and our genes with toxic chemicals and GMOs. We need to secure as much land as we can so as to secure our living space and its natural purity, as the Germans say, "Blut und Boden."

We need to progress our technologies so that we can improve our genes, and undo the damage that is being done to them. We should become the most advanced society, not a third world crap hole with no future and no past, as our benevolent leaders would have us become so as to favor the Jews' plan to exterminate us.

Our children should be our primary concern. We should be filling them with pride in our heritage as Americans, not shredding our national identity. We should give them a stable environment, not displace them and tear their nation to shreds, placing us all in Trotsky's perpetual war.

The time and effort it would take to secede and march into disaster could instead be spent securing our power and increasing our majority by any number of means. All this insane and inane talk of secession distracts us from the real work we need to do in order to survive the Jews' quest to annihilate us.

We should instead be building our own factories and universities, increasing our civilization, not tearing it down according to a Bolshevik script masquerading as if a White Nationalist rescue plan. If Whites want to create a colony, let them do so by starting a university which they accredit and whose graduates find ready work among Whites, not a pastoral Utopia destined for disaster. Let Whites create a college town, or an automobile factory. Let them fill their ranks with lawyers, engineers, scientists and teachers to defend us in our own society against our internal enemies. Let us progress passed our enemies, not hamstring ourselves by trying to step back into a previous century, or pitting poor against rich and rich against poor.

There is no problem in our way that we cannot easily solve, which will inevitably cause America to disintegrate. If there were, you wouldn't see the Jews' puppets iterating their Bolshevik scripts to deceive you.

Build our nation, don't abandon it, or you will be stepping into the worst trap the Jews have ever set for Whites, and from it there will be no return.

We must stop eating poisoned foods which harm our genes. We must stop surrounding ourselves with toxins and radioactive materials and exposure to radiation. We must develop a better understanding of how genes replicate and heal themselves. These are key to White survival.

We must secure and expand our territorial holdings and improve and purify these lands. We must assist others to improve their lands and the general environment. We have to value land and blood as the elements of our existence and our survival.

We must educate our own children so as to instill in them a sense of pride, self worth and purpose. The time spent on Bolshevik secession propaganda could instead be spent creating educational materials for our kids which will improve their competitive advantage in the world. We must out compete others and gain political control which will enable us to control the demographics of our lands to favor us. We must cease handing over our technologies and educational institutions to foreign competitors. We must secure our borders from demographic changing immigration.

We must assist Europeans in securing their borders from demographic changing immigration, and cannot do so by ourselves reducing our borders to uncompetitive shadows of their former selves. These things are very easy to accomplish, far easier than would be any attempt at secession. The end result will be the success of our future generations of Whites as opposed to their inevitable slaughter.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sanctuary for Syrians of Armenian Descent


If they have not already done so, the Armenian Government ought to offer sanctuary to Syrians of Armenian descent. I have a bad feeling that they will become targets of the Mossad death squads, which will increasingly roam Syria. The Jews will scapegoat the Muslims for these attacks. Kurds have slaughtered Armenians in the past and plundered their wealth. Saudis are crypto-Jews going back to the old hidden Jewish kingdom of Happy Arabia. Please take some action to safeguard these Christian souls from harm, and do so quickly!

Chopping Off Heads Is a Recognized Jewish Form of Execution


Jewish law establishes the cutting off of heads as a preferred form of execution, among others, and is the prescribed form of execution for those who do not abide by the Noahide laws. Christians are specifically named as destined for this form of Jewish punishment in the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin, folios 56a-60b, (see also: Sanhedrin 20b; 88b; 97a-99b; 105a).

In the French "Revolution", the Jews made efficient use of the guillotine to carry out this Jewish punishment on Christians. The same occurred in the Jewish genocide of Armenian Christians.

Today, we see the Jews chopping off the heads of Syrians and chasing all Christians from the Middle East. They want to purge the region of all Christians, and especially enjoy murdering Armenian Christians, many of whom reside in Aleppo and in Lebanon. The Jews will slaughter these innocents in the near future. Where are the Armenians supporting their brethren?

It is all so sickening and sad to watch. It seems none of you care about the horror the Jews are inflicting on our fellow human beings, at least not enough to raise a finger to help them.

My late friend George Apelian came from Aleppo, Syria. I have not forgotten you, George, or my pledge to you. I will do all I can. I need others to help.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Hidden Bloodbath Is Coming to Syria


The Mossad mass murdered Iraqi scientists, teachers, doctors and other professionals, especially in the Kurdish regions of Northern Iraq, including Kirkuk. Expect them to do the same in Aleppo and Damascus, so as to create a power vacuum to be filled by Kurds, Jews and Freemasons.

The Kurds Are Ancient Slave Warriors of the Jews, Who Perpetually War on Their Neighbors to Provide Plunder and Protection for the Jews


The Jews often subvert the Goyim, the nations, by converting Goy kings to Judaism. The Emperors of Rome and the Kingdom of Adiabene provide ancient examples. More recently, the Khazar King converted.

The Rabbis told many stories of secret Jewish kingdoms hidden in Asia, Arabia Egypt and Ethiopia which are recounted in Eisenmenger's masterwork Traditions of the Jews, Volume 2, pages 140-180. Eisenmenger discounts these stories as myths, but they were not, beyond the false histories of the Lost Tribes of Israel and the River Sabbation.

At and around the time of the Jewish expulsion from Spain at the hands of the crypto-Jew Ferdinand, the Jews sent corrupters from the secret eastern Jewish kingdoms to Portugal. The crypto-Jewish secretary of the King of Portugal set out to convert the King of Portugal to Judaism, as well the Pope and other Kings of the Goyim of Europe. At or about this time, Portugese settled in Calicut, India, one of the centers of the secret Jewish kingdoms in the East. All this is recounted by the Rabbis. It was the time when the Jews sought to convert all of Catholicism, and all the rest of Christendom, to Judaism through the Reformation and other heresies.

Much of this, and the Zionism and the appearance of Cabbalah which attended it, came from the hidden Eastern kingdoms of the Jews. The Kurds safeguarded these hidden Jews, who were fat off the riches of the spice trade and had much gold and silver, which they held in hopes of filling the new Temple with this treasure. This gold later funded the banking Jews of Italy, Zevi and Frank, and the Del Bancos / Warburgs and Rothschilds. Zionism spread early from these secret Jewish kings westward. The false Jewish messiah and prototype for Shabbatai Zevi, David Alroy was a Kurdish Jew who sought to take Jerusalem, and who led a rebellion against the Persians, read Iranians.

The Jews are currently using the Kurds to foment revolutions in Syria and Iran. They had previously used them to foment revolution in Iraq, and perpetually use them to agitate Turkey and keep the Sabbataians in power in Turkey.

For thousands of years, the Jews used the Kurds to safeguard the "Lost Tribes" imprisoned by the River Sabbation, whose stones supposedly will whirl in bottles then rest on the sabbath, and whose waters likewise rest on the Sabbath. The Jews seek to use the Kurds as a blanket to their north as they take over Greater Israel. It is an ancient plan, and it is coming to fruition before our very eyes.

Syrians, Arabs in general, Turks and Iranians should expose this Jewish subversion of their nations. They ought to let their people know that these so-called "revolutions" are in fact a crypto-Jewish Kurdish takeover of Greater Israel and a planned northern kingdom of Kurdistan to house the house of Israel while the Jews occupy Greater Israel.

I encourage all Americans in the USA reading this to copy the archives of and create pdf's of the files in order to safeguard the information and use it for research. The Jews are trying to shut it down, for among other reasons, telling you what I have said above. You will not find these truths spoken anywhere else.

Why Is the Emphasis on Surviving in an Apocalyptic World, Rather than Preventing It?


The Jews romanticized war when they needed soldiers for the two world wars, then they romanticized civil resistence to war, when they sought to defeat America in favor of Communism. And the Americans fought for the Jews, then protested war for the Jews. The Jews romanticized tobacco use, drugs and alcohol. And Americans imbibed. The Jews romanticized casual sex. And Americans became incontinent.

For many years now, the Jews have been romanticizing the horrors of an apocalypse. They have taught you that this is your chance to be free. And Americans are increasingly looking to revolution and balkanization as if the fulfilment of a romantic dream, rather than taking any action to better America. This is by Jewish design and no good will come of it.

The Jews want you to believe that the destruction of America is inevitable and just, so that you do nothing to stop them from ruining our nation. They want you to disassociate yourself from our fatherland so that you take no offense when they insult America, and feel no sense of loss when they speak of stealing your land from you.

Consider the animosity the Jews direct at America today, and how our fathers would have responded to it not so very long ago. When you hear this talk that America is already dead, which is ridiculous on its face, imagine how you would respond if such talk were directed at you personally, and then you will understand how Americans would have responded to it in previous generations.

Imagine that the Jewish pundits all screamed that you are already dead and deserve to be dead. Imagine that they constantly demanded that no one help you, but instead sought to turn the entire world against you. Consider how you would feel if the Jews constantly degraded you and argued that nothing could or should be done to save you, rather everything should be done to destroy you, because you are already dead. Think of how you would feel if the Jews made it trendy and cool in popular culture to put you down.

Try to put as much thought into defending your political rights as you do into defending your rights to keep and bear arms, and your rights to free speech. Why do you become so alarmed when your right to own firearms is threatened, but disenfranchise yourself each election? It is because the Jews have taught you to romanticize violence and an apocalypse, and to feel that politics is your enemy to be shunned, while they do all they can to dominate politics and exclude you from it.

You can do a hell of lot more with your vote and your service than you can with an AR-15, if only you would join in a political party designed to preserve, honor, defend and better America. Turn off the relentless programming the Jews have targeted at your psyche and defend your nation with your political power, or are you really just a stupid Goy who is not fit to rule yourself in a civil society, as the Jews would you have believe? Are you truly incompetent genetically to take control of your own nation and root out the Jews? If they can control and ruin your entire nation, how do you plan to fight them as an individual?

You must get back to your fundamental dignity as a human being and take control of the country rather than aid the Jews in destroying it, lest we end up like Egypt and Syria, or worse still Soviet Russia and Red China. Stop letting the Jews' Bolshevik programming dominate your thinking and think like an American.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Kurdish Mossad: Jewry's Fifth Column in Syria


Why are the Turks helping the Jews to destroy Syria? Why is there so much talk of poison gas? Why has Iran done nothing to intervene in Syria?

The staged attack on the Mavi Marmara was engineered by the Mossad and other elements of the Israeli government to make Erdogan a hero to the Turks and the Arabs. The victims of the attack were Kurdish Mossad agents. Erdogan is also working for the Jews. The Kurdish PKK is a front organization for Mossad and serves the Jewish puppets in Turkey to keep the Turkish people under absolute control.

The supposed revolutionaries in Syria are dominated by the Kurdish Mossad. The talk of poison gas is not so much meant as a threat to Turks so as to justify their inexplicable attack on Syria, though it is that, it is instead more meant to inflame the Kurds, who suffered poison gas attacks when they helped Mossad to attack Sadam Hussein. The Patriot missiles sent to Turkey are part of a deal to create Kurdistan across Northern Syria and Northern Iraq, and provide security to Turkey in that event.

Kurdistan, which will be an Israeli puppet regime, will provide another route to Israel for oil from the Caspian Sea, thereby lessening dependence on Azerbaijani, Turkey and Georgia; especially in the event of war between Russia and Turkey. Armenia will become increasingly isolated as all Christians are purged from the Middle East.

Iran will become an increasingly significant country to the Jews as these events unfold, and will be pulled toward the south to harm the flow of oil from the gulf, as Egypt, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen threaten the Red Sea. Turkey will be pulled north by Greece and Russia. All roads west from the Caspian will lead to Israel through Kurdistan and the Kurdish Mossad will attempt another Gangrene revolution in Iran. Should that fail, the Kurds will act as intermediary between the Jews and the Iranians, as the Jews continue to pit Americans and Iranians against each other.

The Jews plan to carve Greater Israel out of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and Kurdistan will form a very comfortable neighbor to the north. Displaced Arabs will flow through Jewish controlled Turkey to Jewish controlled Europe in search of employment and political freedom. But where will the Jews come from to populate this monstrosity of Greater Israel? I will have more to say on that later.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Gullible Goyim of Gollygee, a Short Story of How Evil Triumphs When Good Men Do What the Jews Tell Them to Do


Once upon time, in a land not so far away, the Jews fled to the prosperous and beautiful Land of Gollygee. The Jews' King Emanuel rode in a gold gilded limousine from the bustling harbor to Castle Gollygee where King Kind greeted him with an affectionate hug, and then returned to his throne to drink a hearty toast to King Emanuel. The Parliament joined in the toast.

Whitless Twit sat near King Kind watching and wondering what it would be like to be king. He was not overly bright and he thought mostly of the women he would rape and the gold he would confiscate. A bit of drool wound down his deformed chin and dripped onto his coat.

The Jews had been expelled from every nation on Earth. Jews from the four corners of the Earth all came in search of a new home among the naive residents of Gollygee. Jews had not been allowed in Gollygee for centuries and crypto-Jews had carefully burned all the old books warning of the danger of the Jews. The gullible Goyim of Gollygee had long ago lost their Jew memories and their nightmares had turned to sweet dreams come true.

King Emanuel folded his cloak across his chest so that his prayer shawl would not toss in the wind. He pointed a gnarled, bony finger at the crowd of Parliamentarians of Gollygee and began his speech,

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing! Your good King Kind has taken us in and the evil men of the world have lost their war to exterminate us. The Jews are eternal! As a token of our thanks, we have loaned King Kind and Gollygee all the gold it needs to wage war on the haters of the world and triumph over the evil of anti-Semitism. Good men of Gollygee, take up arms and go to war against the Jew haters!"

The goblet fell from King Kind's hand and bounced noisily off his throne and down onto the marble steps beneath him. King Emanuel snatched it up off the ground and placed it near his aquiline nose. He wanted to catch a whiff of his victory. It smelled like Goy blood. The poison King Kind's crypto-Jewish advisor had poured into his wine began to take his life. He suffered a brief moment of confusion, as he had accepted no such loan from King Emanuel, then his body folded over and he fell to the ground dead.

King Emanuel could not help but broadly grin. He triumphantly held the dead King's cup high and declared,

"The enemies of the Jews have poisoned King Kind! Leaders of Gollygee give us your gold, your silver and your jewels, that we may buy you the weapons of war you need to avenge your King!"

Wagon loads of weapons were already rolling off the docks of Gollygee. A crypto-Jew in the crowd ran up to King Emanuel and handed him his golden, jewel encrusted rings and necklace. "Here, take this great Jew. It is all I have to give and I give it all. The sooner we crush the Jews haters, the better it will be for all good men!"

Few noticed that the heavy jewels all bore the Star of David. King Emanuel feigned a tear and wiped his dry eye and his smirk, "Good men are always the first to act and they cannot be fooled! We will buy back your freedom and your honor with this gold and with the blood of the anti-Semites who killed your King!"

Many more in the crowd rushed forward and stripped themselves of their jewels, placing them in a velvet lined chest which seemed to have appeared from nowhere on King Kind's empty throne. No one noticed that his lifeless body had already disappeared. "I can see that the Jews have found a proper home here!" King Emanuel shouted, overcome with joy at the success of his plan. The Jews all laughed and nodded in agreement. "So many good men to serve us," one said and the others nodded.

Whitless Twit slid down from his seat and entered the crowd. They had all formed into small circles of men, each with a Jew at its head telling them what to do next. A crypto-Jew screamed as loudly as he could, "Whitless Twit shall lead us!" Other Jews echoed the declaration, and added, "Yes, Whitless Twit, he is a good man!" Soon, the leaders of Gollygee joined the chant, not really knowing why. Before long, they cheered for Whitless Twit to be the new King of Gollygee with still more enthusiasm than the hoarse Jews.

Whitless Twit ascended the throne of Gollygee and King Emanuel placed a crown upon his head. King Emanuel raised his voice to a thunderous roar and said, "Good men of Gollygee, evil will triumph if you do nothing. Go and kill as many evil men as you can! King Twit, you must go to war and declare it now!"

King Twit was eager to utter the line he had been told to say on cue, "Golly gee, Jew! I never thought of that. We good men will do it right away! Our enemy is evil and it is our duty to kill them." Crypto-Jews in the crowd parroted the silly lines verbatim, and soon the somewhat shocked Parliamentarians of Gollygee found themselves saying these same words. It made them feel smart and honorable when they said it, better than those few who began to look about in uneasy silence as their world began to crumble under the destructive weight of Jewish influence. The leaders of Gollygee were certain they were doing the right thing when they declared war on the world, which was anti-Semitic. They knew they must do the right thing and destroy the anti-Semites, lest evil triumph, though they had never thought of this before the Jews had told them to think it.

The people of Gollygee had been Jew free for almost a thousand years and they were genuinely good people. Every man fit for military service from age thirteen to seventy-five enlisted and went overseas to fight for the Jews so that evil would not triumph. They took great pride in the fact that not one healthy baby was born in Gollygee for the twenty years the war lasted. The good men were all out fighting the good fight.

The best and most courageous of them all died. The last of the soldiers were mostly wounded and psychologically ruined ghosts by war's end. Crypto-Jews had stolen plans from the enemies of the Jews to make a new biological weapon which would enable them to win the war from behind the shores of Gollygee. They murdered the scientists who had developed these weapons.

King Twit stood before Parliament, now mostly composed of Jews. Jews were all exempted from military service. The Jews had convinced the Gollygeeans to worship their Jewish god and to believe that Jewish blood is divine and must never be spilled in war, lest the luck of Gollygee run out and turn into a curse. King Twit even said, when donning the robe of head of the Church of Jew Worship, "Golly gee, Jews! I never thought of that before you saved my soul. I am born again to serve you. We good men will fight for you like Esau should! Your enemies are god's enemies, the evil anti-Semites, and it is our religious duty to kill them all."

Jews began wandering through crowds of the gullible Goyim of Gollygee mumbling, "Good men kill all anti-Semites!" and soon all the good citizens of Gollygee mumbled the phrase daylong, as well, long after the Jews had ceased. They each decided to make it their life's work to kill off the anti-Semites so that evil could never triumph. They told themselves that evil could never triumph if good men acted to stop it.

The good women of the gullible Goyim of Gollygee worked diligently in hidden laboratories developing the biological weapons which targeted the many types of non-Jews left in the world. They discovered ways of safeguarding Jews from these agents of death. When their work was done, the Jews began to mumble, "Good men die to live. We must die to become Jews. So says God."

The "Honey Dust of Life" the gullible Goyim of Gollygee voluntarily and eagerly spread all over the world soon killed off all non-Jews. On the Day of Triumph, King Emanuel had a ladder brought to the back of King Kind's throne. He climbed it to the apex of the throne and unceremoniously piddled onto the seat.

After he had climbed down, he gave a brief speech, "Beautiful Jews, the gullible Goyim are gone! They never figured out that it is not enough for them to do nothing for us to triumph! They also had to work hard obeying us for us to win! Every subversive political thought they ever had we put into their good heads and they struggled with all their might to serve every one of our evil purposes, thinking that it was good because we Jews told them it was good. But I don't thank them. The Goyim had no choice but to obey us, because they never once thought through for themselves what we told them to do. They just agreed to it because they were stupid animals created to serve us and God blinded them to the truth. There is no one better at doing evil than good Goyim. I'll give them that, they had more talent for hard work than us, as a good slave should." King Emanuel gestured with his hand to the soiled seat of King Kind's throne. "There, you see, the piss of a Jew is greater than an entire Goy kingdom, because they always and only do as we tell them to do."

The moral of the story is that evil always triumphs when good men serve the Jews. Good can only triumph over evil when and where the Jews have no influence, for they will always try to steer good men into performing acts of evil in the name of good, and are nearly always successful.

By way of deception they do war on you, and they are winning, because you unwittingly help them thinking yourselves the brightest and the best of the good. Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Christians, Muslims, etc. are all under the direction of the same evil Jews and all work to destroy America for the good of the evil Jews, and all have good men doing evil deeds in the name of good, so that the Jews triumph over normal human beings.

It is not enough to be good. You also have to be smart and rid yourselves of the Jews and the belief systems they feed you as poison in a candy wrapper, or the clever Jews will continue to twist your best intentions into the most heinous and destructive acts imagined in their perverse brains.

Beyond that, in a 50/50 world of good and evil, the Jews are always willing to lend their foul souls to the House of Evil and ensure that it eventually profits from all betting.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

What Lies Behind the Glittering Generality "End the FED!"


The blind slogan "End the FED!" is the battlecry of the Libertarian goldbugs, but what does it really mean? Libertarians, like their Communist cousins, form a controlled opposition to the bankers. It is important to peer through their hollow jargon at the demons lurking behind it.

Our currency is based on debt and its status as legal tender for all debts. "End[ing] the FED" for the Libertarians also means adopting the gold standard. Under the Libertarians' plan, that means the national debt must be paid off in specie payments of real gold. Though the current money supply is potentially unlimited, the supply of real gold available to the government of the United States is limited to its, read our, national gold reserves.

Should we now convert from paper currency based on debt and legal tender status to a gold standard, we will be asked to pay on government bonds in real gold. The Jews will have first dibs on this gold, as they as have in the past when they have duped governments into adopting a gold standard.

For no sound reason whatsoever, and completely unnecessarily, the government will immediately hand over all of our national gold reserves to the Jewish bankers. The government will then confiscate all gold held in private hands in order to make further specie payments to the bankers.

As the gold reserves are depleted, the Jews will hold all gold out of circulation increasing its value. The government will sell off all our national lands and large portions of our military hardware to the Jews in exchange for gold which will then be immediately given back to the Jews, if it indeed ever leaves their hands, as specie payments.

After all our gold is given to the Jews and after all our lands and national property are given to the Jews, the government will beg the Jews to borrow from them electronic gold credits for gold which nowhere exists, but which must be paid back in specie, that is real gold bullion. The Jews will then own our nation in debt slavery for all future generations.

The POWER PARTY will "End the FED!" by repudiating the debt owed to Jews as the product of a fraud, which requires no repayment. The government will assume the powers of printing and circulating currency and will provide loan capital. The government will confiscate Jewish held gold and will not give away any of our national gold or lands.

Americans gave the Democrats Obama on the meaningless slogan "Change!" and he immediately gave the Jewish bankers trillions of our dollars. Do not be so foolish with the Libertarians and their slogans as to give away our nation and our future.

Contradistinguishing the NSDAP, Anarchists and the Libertarians


Hitler felt drawn to what was to become the NSDAP by the monetary and economic lectures of Gottfried Feder, a man who recognized the dangers of a gold standard and the importance of loan capital to a healthy economy. The NSDAP came to power through the electoral process, not by means of revolution or anarchy. The National Socialists were well organized, well funded and did not hide their beliefs or intentions.

They recognized the Jew as the chief problem of the State, the land and most importantly the Folk. They never confounded Jewish corruption with German nationalism. They recognized that the only solution to the problem was to remove the Jew from influence in Germany. They glorified the German Nation and the German People and sought to expand Germany, not secede, Balkanize or create civil war in Germany. The NSDAP repudiated unpayable debts and created a sound currency. The NSDAP rejected class struggle and advocated class unity and equity as a Folk. As a result, the NSDAP was able to regenerate the economy of Germany in a very short time, a period during which America stumbled along in depression.

Compare this set of productive NSDAP policies with the destructive and nihilistic goals of the Anarchists and Libertarians in America. They pretend to be patriots, but denigrate America and Americans at every opportunity. They pretend to be Constitutionalists, but degrade the Founders and cherry pick and misinterpret the Constitution in ways which grant the Jewish bankers the means to steal all wealth and ruin the land, while preventing the People and the Government from defending the Folk and Fatherland from the bankers. They drain the funds of their membership and keep them from their work, rather than funding their membership and providing them with gainful employment.

Should the anarchists and/or Libertarians gain a mandate in America through their deceits, they would be unable to match the successes of the NSDAP. Instead of improving the land and infrastructure, they would rape the land, destroy industry and rob our gold reserves. They pit poor against rich and rich against poor. In the disorganized aftermath of their coup, the rich and organized would rule the day. As was the case in the post-revolution Soviet takeover of Russia, foreign intervention, money and organization would control the battlefield and the vast masses of people would suffer extermination campaigns, poverty, starvation and unemployment. There would be no governmental restrictions on the exploitation of the land or the people and everything would come under the absolute control of the Jews, who are wealthy and organized and whose genocidal objectives are clearly stated in the Jewish supremacist Old Testament.

We require the power of the State to remove the Jews from undue influence. The power of anarchy and chaos always favors the Jews, because they are international, organized and wealthy; conditions which always enable the Jews to rule over nations thrown into chaos and/or anarchy. It was Jewish money and organization which enabled the Jews to take over Russia, that and the assistance of stupid Russians who believed false Jewish promises.

Destroying the government, creating hatred of America and Americans, and creating a State which has no power to hinder the Jewish bankers will only grant them absolute power and complete control over our nation enabling the Jews to destroy it in all its aspects, people, land, economy and government.

The NSDAP demanded and created a powerful State with the means and ability to create and control currency and loan capital. It generated national and folk pride, and it constrained the Jews. Only in this way was it able to mobilize the talent and the genius of the German People to perform an economic miracle in a comparatively small territory not especially rich in natural resources other than its native genius.

Libertarianism and Anarchism contain no such recipe for our success, for theirs is a recipe for an absolute Jewish takeover of America and represents the polar opposite of the best aspects of the NSDAP. They advocate the destruction of our country in favor of Jewish money power. They would turn us into balkanized third world cess pools at constant war with each other, as they rape our land, steal our gold and generate enemies of us around the globe. They are already forwarding these destructive objectives and never are they so vocal or genuine as when they express their visceral hatred for America and the American People.

How could Americans who hate their fellow citizens, hate their nation and its history, and only pursue psychopathically selfish interests, ever match the accomplishments of National Socialism? What would be left after their takeover other than fertile grounds for Jewish exploitation?