Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Jewish Acts of War Against the United States of America: Part 1 Political Assassinations


The Jews have been waging war on the Americas since the time they sent the crypto-Jew Christopher Columbus to claim the natives' territory for a new Jewish homeland. The Puritans were a Jewish sect, exploited, administered and misled by Jews. The Jews attacked colonial currency, then financed Americans against the British, and vice versa. Benedict Arnold was close to the Jews.

The Jews have made several assassination attempts against key American leaders. Some of these attempts were successful, others not.

Absolute proof is lacking, but many believe that the Jews desired to assassinate President Andrew Jackson because he opposed Jewish central banks, and that the would be assassin Richard Lawrence was an asset of the Jewish bankers.

The Rothschilds created the Civil War in order to balkanize the USA, which would enable them create perpetual war on the North American continent as they done in Europe. The Jews financed and led the South, while raising the cost of credit to the North. President Abraham Lincoln created Greenbacks to finance the American struggle to preserve the Union against the Jewish attack on it. Jew John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln, and the Jews then used corrupt means to destroy the value of the Greenbacks Lincoln created and to remove them from circulation, all of which acts were individually and collectively Jewish acts of war against the United States of America.

Leon Czolgosz assassinated President William McKinley. He was inspired by, if not acting on the direct orders of anarchist Jewess Emma Goldman. Goldman plotted the assassination attempt made on Henry Clay Frick's life in order to provoke repressive retaliation which would spark a revolution against the American Government, pursuant to the Jewish strategy of the "propaganda of the deed". She was one of countless Jews, including Jack Stachel, who actively sought to destroy the Government of the United States of America, in each instance, and collectively, these acts constitute Jewish acts of war against America. Pursuant to the tenets of Emma Goldman, anarchist Severino Di Giovanni attempted to assassinate President Herbert Hoover as an act of "propaganda of the deed".

The Jews attempted to assassinate Henry Ford, owner of the Ford Motor Company and the Dearborn Independent newspaper, which paper exposed the Jewish plan to destroy America to a vast audience. The Jewish assassination attempt ended Henry Ford's plans to run for President of the United States of America in order to rescue Americans from the Jews, and it constitutes a Jewish act of war on the USA.

The Jew Carl Weiss assassinated Presidential hopeful Huey Long. Long opposed the Jewish bankers' war on the American workers, by name, including President Roosevelt's Jewish handler Bernard Baruch. The Jews committed an act of war against America, when they murdered Huey Long.

The Jewish Stern Gang sent several letter bombs meant to assassinate US President Harry Truman. These Jewish attempts on the life of the President of the United States of States constitute Jewish acts of war against America.

Many believe that Jews and the Government of Israel plotted and carried out the assassination of President Jack Kennedy. Kennedy's alleged assassin was quickly disposed of by the Jew Jacob Leon Rubenstein.

Charles Manson was likely an asset of the Jews tasked with provoking a race war in America by means of false flag terrorism. Manson murdered Whites and tried to place the blame for his terrorism on Blacks. Manson sought to show the Blacks how to attack Whites, and to provoke Whites to retaliate against innocent Blacks. Manson family member Lynette Fromme sought to assassinate President Gerald Ford.

The Jew Jared Loughner tried to assassinate Gabrielle Giffords in an act of "propaganda of the deed" designed to bring about the destruction of America. Jews were also involved in the Columbine attack on our children.

Jewish corruption of the press and American politics in general will be addressed in subsequent articles, as will the Jewish blackmailing of President Woodrow Wilson and the Jews' use of spoiler candidates and puppet Presidents to foment war and genocide, create an anti-American Supreme Court, destroy the Constitution and attack the American People and the World.