Monday, March 18, 2013



I have put together a rough draft of an idea I have for promoting a website I would like to create. It is a brochure featuring my idea for a Mutually Assured Preservation Treaty Among White Nations. I am not a graphic artist and this brochure can be greatly improved upon by those more talented and skilled than am I. But I am doing the best I can and hope that this provides an inspiration for something better.

I welcome any advice on setting up a new domain and website for this. I also welcome any ideas on improving what I have done. We really need a legal team and some funding to do this right, but I have to work with what I have at the moment. I have uploaded the rough draft with a graphic as a 2 page pdf file here:

The full text sans the graphic and formatting is as follows:

Mutually Assured Preservation



War and Communism claimed hundreds of millions of lives in the 20th Century. The governments of White nations responded to this unprecedented slaughter with an ever worse threat, the Mutually Assured Destruction system of nuclear weapons. Today, over 95% of the nuclear weapons in the world are controlled by White countries. Whites are deliberately targeting Whites for global genocide.

The POWER PARTY proposes that a more rational approach to the threat of war would be for White nations to promote our common interests in the survival of the White race with a new Mutually Assured Preservation treaty, whereby White nations pledge their military and economic might to guarantee our continued existence, and at the same time eliminate the danger of our inevitable extinction by our own hands.

Cooperation and Coordination

In addition to the risks of nuclear war, White nations face a demographic danger that the White race will disappear through non-White immigration and miscegenation. Whites are needlessly surrendering our strategic and economic advantages, and we are losing our fundamental rights to self determination and independent sovereignty.

It is imperative that we work together to reverse these trends and secure a sound future for our children and our race, just as our ancestors successfully faced the challenges which confronted them. In addition to enjoying a near monopoly on nuclear weapons, White countries also dominate food production.

The Economic War on Whites

Utilizing unfair and anti-competitive measures, several anti-White nations of Asia have aggressively and surreptitiously taken over the industrial economies of White countries. Anti-White oil producing economies have exploited their natural resources to enrich themselves at the expense of Western Civilization.

We can restore our leverage to counter-balance these attacks from abroad with a new international dollar the Grainback, which will become the only means for non-White nations to conduct trade with White nations. Needing this currency to engage in trade, non-White nations will be obliged to reduce their prices on goods and services so as to acquire necessary quantities of this new currency. They will also be obligated to accept this new currency as payment for all bonds and debts owed them by the United States and its citizens and corporations. The currency will be issued debt free by the government of the USA and its supply will be carefully monitored and controlled by the American Government. The Grainback will become the means by which the full faith and credit of the USA are conducted internationally.

Preventing the Physical Destruction of the White Race

The POWER PARTY maintains a policy of White Continental Integrity meant to provide defensible territory for White populations today and for the foreseeable future. The nations of Mexico and Central America have been invading the USA for more than a century. These acts of war compel us to relocate these non-White populations to South America and thereby create an easily defensible border for a newly emerged White North American Continent. The White Continental Integrity of Australia and Europe will also be encouraged and defended with the military and economic might of the USA. We respectfully propose that Russia redefine all of its territory as European territory and integrate this land into the White Continental Integrity of Europe.

The POWER PARTY will utilize American diplomacy, and if necessary, the American military to secure the liberty and lives of Whites around the globe. White South Africans are under an imminent threat of complete genocide and we pledge to come to their aid and defense. Whites are also under physical attack throughout America and Europe and we will respond with justified measures to end this war against us.

The Power We Already Have

These proposals are modest and easily achieved. No radical changes are needed to implement them, though they will produce meaningful and productive results. The nuclear weapons and agricultural dominance already exist, as do the bulk of territorial conquests. A rational change in attitude and policy, which will cause a global shift in power favoring our White interests, is all that is required.

For more information on the POWER PARTY MAP visit www.