Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BRIDGE: Brotherhood and Responsibility for Indigenous Demographic Groups in Europe

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

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I have created a draft pdf flier for my POWER PARTY BRIDGE Project, which I would like to expand into a website. I am having difficulty preserving the quality of the images I have made in the final pdf. The pdf is available here:


The text is as follows:

Brotherhood and Responsibility


Indigenous Demographic Groups in Europe

Americans owe much of what we have to Europe. It is time we give something back and it is in our self interests to do so with a BRIDGE to our kinfolk. They need our help, and we need theirs.

Our cousins are prisoners in their homelands. If they attempt to speak out against the violation of their fundamental human rights to free speech, self determination, sovereignty and due process of law, the State will attempt to jail them under draconian laws. In this way, Europe's ancient enemies have rendered it impossible for Europeans to regain their liberty and secure their human rights by means of the present system of laws. If the indigenous peoples of Europe engage the State to recapture governmental recognition of their basic human rights, the oppressive and subverted State will silence and punish them. The State has made it a crime for indigenous Europeans to petition the State for recognition of their human rights.

This loss of freedom, independence and sovereignty are the inevitable consequences of tolerating hostile jewish influence in White nations. But the situation is even worse than this overt tyranny. The jews are deliberately genociding our blood relatives in Europe by forcing upon them demographics changing immigration.

What can we do? We exercise our precious freedom of speech, that right which our European ancestors secured after our first war against oppressive jewish influence. We demand that our brothers and sister be free and we place our People at their service. We speak for them and announce their plight as our cause and a warning to us all. We insist that our government provide sanctuary to those whose fundamental human rights the genocidal jews are aggressively violating.

When elected to the American Government, we will officially declare war on the jews who have been waging war on Europeans for thousands of years. We will then provide the military backing indigenous Europeans need to secure their rights and to deport immigrants who have changed the demographic nature of Europe, backing needed both within Europe, and around the globe.

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