Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Great White North America: Preliminary Thoughts


There is a growing rift between White Americans and non-White Americans. The jews will try to increase animosity and conflict so as to destroy both groups and divert attention away from the jewish problem they pose. In Germany, during and shortly after WW I, the jews sought to pit Prussians and Bavarians against each other, as the jews had done during the Kulturkampf.

Americans have long held to the notion that, "strong fences make good neighbors." I would add that long coast lines make the strongest fences and that islands need no fences at all. It would be in our best interests to turn North America into a White Island.

We do not want to have to fence off the American-Mexican border and we do not want a hostile unstable nation to share an expansive border with our nation. Mexico has waged war on us through an illegal invasion of our territory. The Mexican Government has encouraged this invasion. Mexicans who have illegally invaded our territory have established a fifth column of subverted and subversive politicians and of neighborhoods and gangs which are openly hostile to White Americans. They burden our society in countless ways.

This being the case, we have a casus belli for a war of conquest against Mexico. We could take Mexican territory and annex it to our own, as we have done in the past. Rather than repeat the past mistake of allowing the vanquished to retake and expand their former territory, we could instead relocate them, and the populations of Central America, south of Panama in South America.

At the same time, we could invite White Canada to join us in a Confederation of White States. This would increase our territory and our population and provide us with a larger pool of genetic material to increase our genetic health. We would also be able to secure Canada from jewish influence and non-White immigration preventing the formation of a bolshevik threat like that which Western Europe faced from Eastern Europe.

Black violence targeting Whites and the disproportionate burden Blacks place on society at large provides a casus belli for the segregation of Blacks and the reestablishment of America as a safe White neighborhood. As evidence, see for example WHITE GIRL BLEED A LOT

Given that the general Black population of the USA is dysfunctional, it is not reasonable to expect that they would have an easy time forming a new nation of their own without some artificial means of sustenance such as a vast store of natural resources. Saudi Arabia is an ally of the enemy nation of Israel, has cheated Americans for years on the price of oil, and has seen fit to invade Syria and mass murder Syrian civilians. The Saudis are also conspiring with Israel to attack Iran. Iraq also attacked Iran and Kuwait under the CIA-Mossad assassin turned brutal dictator Saddam Hussein.

If Blacks were amenable to the idea, we could do to these oil rich nations what they have done and have sought to do to others, take them over and transfer American Blacks to their shores where the Blacks could enjoy a welfare paradise of oil revenue for as long as it lasts. Alternatively, Blacks could migrate to resource rich African or South American countries. It is largely incumbent upon them to formulate a plan, as the jews are going to put the screws to them in the near future and they ought to be prepared to offer a viable solution to the coming conflict so that a humane and workable course of action can resolve the situation. Make no mistake about it, the jews will try to pin the financial woes of America on Blacks and will either call for the sterilization or extermination of Blacks, or chase the scapegoat into one desert or another. I would suggest giving Israel to the Blacks, but I doubt they would want it or be able to succeed in it. They need a resource rich nation and time to educate their children and structure their society, conditions America is not providing to them.

Mexico is a dysfunctional and hostile nation. We could easily provide Mexicans and Central Americans with productive and gainful employment in South America producing organic food for White nations and the World at large. We can do this in a way which will profit all involved. Sending 30 million Mexican invaders back to Mexico will NOT solve the problems we face from this nation and could likely cause a humanitarian disaster.

With all of North America secured as White territory, we could eliminate many diseases and cut far back on vaccinations. This, together with the production of healthy organic food and the reduction of toxins from reduced populations especially in our densely populated urban centers, would be bound to increase White fertility. It seems that Whites naturally breed less in crowded environs. Making abortions more difficult to obtain and cleaning up the environment, eliminating most vaccines, and providing necessary income will all improve our reproductive rates and provide us with healthier families. We should also eliminate nuclear power plants and cease to irradiate foods and reduce radiation exposure in the practice of medicine.

It will be much easier to eliminate nuclear power in the short term with a reduced population. As our White population grows, we can supply clean power to them.