Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's an Ugly Day in the Neighborhood, Mr. Rogers Wants War. . . with Iran


Congressman Mike Rogers, speaking in jewspeak, demands war with Syria, because a "red line" has been crossed:

"Red line has been crossed" in Syria, Rogers says, March 24, 2013

The real target here is Iran. Iran has an agreement with Syria that if Syria is attacked, Iran will join the fight. The jews want war with Iran before Ahmadinejad leaves office in June of 2013, which is why Netanyahu has set June of 2013 as a "red line" for war, and which is why jewish puppets in Congress are calling for an attack on Syria before it is too late. They are not in a hurry to attack Syria, per se, rather they want to draw Iran into war.

Ahmadinejad is a crypto-jew and an American attack on Syria will empower Ahmadinejad to convince his generals and the Iranian People that they must go to war with the USA. The American People don't want this war with Iran, so the jews are trying to backdoor us into it through a war with Syria.

At the same, immediately after "normalizing" its perverse relationship with Turkey, Israel has attacked Syria. The crypto-jews in Turkey now will have an excuse to attack Syria and Iran and will be able to "justify" it to the Turkish People as if a victory over Israel in the form of Netanyahu's apology.

But here too, the immediate target Syria is not the intended ultimate target of the Israeli attack. Instead, the jews are trying to inflame Hezbollah and further destabilize Lebanon, so that they will pose no resistence to Israel when the jews attack Iran. The jews are also blaming the instability in Lebanon they are causing on Syria.