Wednesday, March 27, 2013

MAP and the Warmonger Database


As part of the Mutually Assured Preservation Project, I would like to start a Warmonger Database. I envision a map of the world with each nation linked to a webpage where anyone can post information about groups, governments or individuals attempting to incite war either from that nation or against that nation.

For many years, I have been researching how the jews have attempted to incite the battle of Armageddon by claiming in Western Christian nations that the Czar, the Pope, the Reformists, the Caliphate, etc. are the anti-Christ. At the same time, world jewry has done the same in Russia and the Islamic countries. No doubt the jews are active in all nations inciting wars on both sides of their intended conflicts.

I suspect that if we gather and collate this data it will help us to identify the media, religious leaders, business leaders, politicians, etc. who are either jews, crypto-jews or on the jews' payroll. It would also let us know who the jews are trying to pit against us, as they try to pit us against others. We could discern who in Russia is calling for Russia to prepare for war against America, and who in America is calling for America to prepare for war with Russia. Based on my research and observations, I strongly suspect that a jewish network for war will emerge and that we will be able to expose it.