Thursday, March 14, 2013

Netanyahu's Coalition Government


As I predicted, Netanyahu has formed his coalition just prior to Obama's arrival in Israel. And, as I predicted, it appears that Yair Vapid. . . Lapdog. . . Lapid. . . Yair Lapid has won himself the position of Finance Minister and been kicked upstairs to a job he is eminently unqualified to hold.

If this is in fact what occurs, it was a clever move by Nutsoyahoo. . . Netanyahu. Lapdog will have not a clue what to do and will be completely dependant on more experienced players for every decision he makes and every public pronouncement he iterates. If the economy does well, Netanyahu will claim credit both for the success of the economy and for his ability to delegate his authority effectively. If the economy does poorly, literally, Netanyahu will scapegoat inexperienced Lapid and the voters who gave him so much power.

Lapid is almost as rabid in his support of the jewish invasion of the West Bank as is Bennett, who will now complete the genocide of the Palestinians from Palestine. So all the horsespit reports that Obama will go to Israel to school Netanyahu on a new peace initiative are proven nonsense, as any sensible observer has always known. Netanyahu has the clueless finance minister he needs to fund a war on Iran, and the coalition he needs to put the deadbeats with the horns, er uh peyos, in the army and wage war on Syria, Lebanon and Iran. A destabilized Jordan would make fertile grounds for transplanting the Palestinians as the jews stretch out their bloody arms.

It appears that Cabalah is gaining ground over Talmud, and that ain't good, though nothing the jews do is.