Thursday, March 21, 2013

On the Jewish "Alternative Media's" Campaign to Make Heroes of the Oil Kings


The jews want to destroy the US Constitution and the American Government. They want us to view the government as if our natural enemy and constitutional democracy as if a jewish invention.

Part of this campaign is to falsely portray the deposed oil kings as if a viable model for dictatorship in America. The jewish "alternative media" is subtly and not so subtly promoting Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, etc. as if desirable role models for Americans.

These men are falsely portrayed as if they were opposed to the Jew World Order. The facts prove the opposite proposition, they were each put in power to advance the Jew World Order and were set up to be knocked down to further advance the Jew World Order. The economic model each of these men utilized was based on the exploitation of White Nations through monopolistic control of the oil supply. Their economies were based on natural resource concentration, a situation equivalent to owning a rich gold mine. Any economic system can prosper under such conditions, and the economies of these oil kings did very poorly given the possibilities available to them.

Chavez promoted jewish Marxism across Latin America. He was close friends with the Marxist crypto-jew Fidel Castro. And, quite predictably, the jewish alternative media are making a hero of our sworn enemy Chavez just as they make a hero of the Marxist Che Guevara. The Socialist economic model Chavez represents would never have been sustainable without Venezuela's oil based economy. Oil made Chavez, not Socialism. Socialism held Venezuela back from achieving its potential, as many well educated Venezuelans know.

Chavez was our enemy and sought to fulfill the jews' plans for a bolshevized South America meant to spread bolshevism from the South as Canada attacks us with bolshevism from the North. Chavez had the wealth and power to produce world class propaganda exposing the jews top to bottom and did no such thing. He had a bully pulpit from which to expose the jews and instead used it to spread Marxism and attack America, all the while gleefully accepting American money for oil.

Saddam Hussein was put in power by the CIA and Mossad. He was a thug assassin in their employ. In power, Saddam viciously attacked and weakened Iran. He poured down rocket fire on Iranians riding bicycles to defend their nation from the onslaught. Saddam did nothing significant to expose the jews or destroy Israel. All he did was help the jews to set up Iraq for an American attack, most especially when Saddam launched an unprovoked attack on Kuwait and gassed Kurds. No wonder the jewish alternative media would make a hero of the criminal thug, Saddam Hussein.

Muammar Gaddafi was another supposed economic genius who bilked the White Race with oil, while doing nothing meaningful to shut down Israel or expose jewry with world class propaganda. None of these clowns funded anything substantial in America to empower Americans opposed to the jews to take political power over America. Whatever small amount of propaganda they did sponsor was deliberately counterproductive, much like the clownish propaganda coming from jews in the alternative media via Iran. It is largely lies which accomplish nothing but forwarding the jews' agenda of world domination.

The Socialist economies of these oil kings and of the NSDAP produced only war and destruction of their host nations. It is no wonder the jews and their alternative media are promoting these failed systems as the next alternative after I have destroyed their libertarian movement by exposing it as just another jewish subversion.

Socialists and Fascists are NOT American Nationalists. They are instead revolutionary subversives intending to give the jews exactly what the jews want, the destruction of American constitutional democracy. They spread the lie that constitutional democracy is a jewish invention meant to destroy Whites, when in fact it was created by the Greeks to preserve Whites and worked quite well enabling the Greeks to conquer the jews and defile the jews' temple.

It was Hellenistic tolerance of the jews which enabled the jews to destroy Greek constitutional democracy, not constitutional democracy itself. And what do the Socialists and Fascists propose we do with the jews? The same thing the oil kings and the NSDAP proposed, send them to Israel and fulfill the jews' religious prophesies and the goals of the Zionists of all stripes. The propaganda of the Socialists, Fascists and the oil kings is all the same counterproductive grotesque and repulsive formula, which fails to inspire Whites to our greatness and cultural excellence. It is the White equivalent of gangster rap "music".

Beware the jewish subversives. They come in all flavors, chocolate and vanilla. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels also pretended to oppose the jewish bankers and the capitalists, and used the same slogans as the libertarians, Chavezites, Hitlerites, etc. they spawned. We need to strengthen America and destroy the jews, not destroy America and strengthen the jews. We need to expand our territory, not contract it. We need to constrain the jews, not grow their nation.

Socialism has been a horrible failure in America. It is not the best alternative to libertarian capitalism. Without oil and the exploitation of White Nations, the economies of Chavez, Saddam, Gaddafi, etc. would have completely failed. If Chavez, Saddam, Gaddafi, etc. had put just a little of their money where their puppets' mouth were, they could have defeated Israel.

And what about Hitler? His boys came to America with their hands out asking Ford for money. Where was NSDAP money to be found in America when the German economy was doing well and America was in deep depression? If the jews could spend real money to win control in American politics, why could not Hitler? Where were the meaningful, White run newspapers in America backed with German money? What about radio and political parties? Jews ran those, too. The communists were screaming against the jewish capitalists in this period. What was missing was a well financed and culturally advanced movement. The leaders were there and efforts were made, but NSDAP money was nowhere to be found.