Friday, March 22, 2013

One Hand Washes the Blood from the Other: Israel and Turkey Kiss and Make Believe


As I stated immediately after the event, the Mavi Marmara attack was a staged event meant to make Turkey a leader in the world of Islam so that the Turks could help the jews destroy Islam. Israel is again strengthening Turkey's treacherous leadership role in Islam by apologizing for the covertly staged attack:

Obama ends Israel visit by bringing together two estranged powers

This Israeli-Turk alliance is heading in the short term towards the balkanization of Syria, the creation of Kurdistan, the destabilization of Jordan and the genocide of the Palestinians, as well as war on Iran. Turkey helped Israel and the jews destroy several Muslim nations, including Syria, Libya and Egypt. Israel helped Turkey destabilize Greece and Cyprus.

But the jews are always treacherous allies. They will soon bring the Russians and the Greeks against the treacherous Turks. And this is only the beginning of the volcano the jews have planned to engulf the world in fire and brimstone.