Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Putting a Pretty Face on Tyranny: As Communist China Threatens Nuclear War on the USA Through Its Proxy North Korea, the Jewish Media Gushes Over Communist China's "First Lady" Peng Liyuan

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


At a time when the communist Chinese are threatening to bomb Americans with nuclear weapons through their proxy State North Korea, the jewish media and the jews' puppets in the American government do nothing but praise and further empower our racist supremacist Chinese enemies. The communist Chinese have stolen our economy and run us into unpayable debts, unpayable because they have stolen our jobs and because the jews behind them have based our currency on debt, and further because the Chinese have been allowed a gross trade imbalance with the USA.

Now the jews are driving a nail in our coffin by playing up the inhuman criminal dictator Chinese leadership as if the new Kennedys. At the same time, jews around the world are defaming Americans for fighting the very wars the jews themselves have caused us to fight.

So we see that the jews and Chinese are working together to defame the "ugly primitive American barbarians" and to glorify the "modern attractive philanthropic Chinese". Let me remind everyone that the Chinese communists have slaughter at least 70 million Chinese, and probably in excess of 100 million Chinese. They have deliberately destroyed the American economy and are threatening to bomb Americans with nuclear weapons. The Chinese overran the defenseless Tibetans and have enslaved them. The Chinese communists enslave their own people and have them worshiping the jew Karl Marx while destroying Chinese culture and ancestor worship.

Yet the jewish media reveal none of this. They instead present their new Jacqueline Kennedy and glorify the Chinese dictator family of Peng Liyuan. And so it is in the world's eyes seen grotesquely through the jews' media lens, the ugly American and the grand Chinese.

The jews created the communist Chinese. Mao, the culture crusher and mass murderer, was a puppet of the jews. Every communist Chinese leader since has been a jewish puppet. The entire philosophy of government and society is a jewish subversive invention. The jews worked with the Chinese to corrupt the American government and American business to favor communist Chinese interests and subvert American interests. It is little wonder, then, that the jews' media are making international celebrities out of the brutal criminals who govern China and threaten to nuke America. The jews hate America, too, and want us incinerated with Chinese nuclear weapons.

The jews, through their puppet Barack Obama, and stooge Chuck Hagel, and working hard to disarm America's and Russia's nuclear arsenal and send these weapons and materials to China and Israel. If we do not stop them, China and Israel will one day soon bomb us with our own weapons.

The jews are now putting a pretty face on tyranny and aggression. Tokyo Rose has moved to China and her name is Peng Liyuan and the jews just love her. How could such a smiley witch ever intend us harm as her family threatens to consume our children in nuclear fire?