Friday, March 22, 2013

Red China Is a Loan Shark Circling the Yellow Sea


We owe the Chinese a whole lot of money. Picture a Chinese loan shark sitting on his porch in Shanghai coolly smoking a cigarette and contemplating how his gang is going to take over the world. When he looks out across the ocean, he sees himself surrounded by Western power in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. In his racist supremacist Chinese mind, China is the center of the universe and the first steps needed to conquer the universe are to remove Western power from the first periphery of mainland China, SK, J and T.

The Chinese are thugs at heart. They think like a mafia. They hooked us on the opium of cheap crap shipped in by the boat load. They bought our bonds loaning us our own money at interest to buy their poison. The jews set it all up for them, including the slave labor of communism and the debt based American currency with a vig that guarantees we will have to hand over everything we have to whatever loan shark buys the bonds.

Meanwhile, the Ayn Rand upper class worked with the jews to slaughter the middle class in America and devastate our industrial base. Walmart peddled the Chinese crap to American junkies. And here we are trembling in the streets wondering who we can rob to get our next fix. It was a tremendous crime of the 20th Century and the jews and the Chinese are the crime bosses. Americans are junkies hooked on Chinese junk brought in by Chinese junks.

Loan sharks like to make violent threats. The crime bosses don't hit the streets collecting debts and busting knee caps. They have bullies like the North Koreans make their threats for them.

The Chinese know that a war on Iran is coming. How can America divide its military forces between Iran and North Korea and place most of its forces within easy striking range of mainland China and Russia, without risking losing everything? Japan is very weak. War on Iran will bankrupt America. China stands to collect a whole lot of interest from America and is giving us a few cold slaps to the face through its proxy puppet North Korea.

If the POWER PARTY were in control of Washington these problems would be very easy to deal with in a very short span of time. Suffice it to say that the jews in Washington and their criminal empire around the world are doing this to hurt us, and cripple us it will if we do not boot them out now, right now. We can do it if we can harness the political will to defend America from the jews. The American People are ready to fight them, they just don't yet know it is the jews they are so damned mad at. We should let them know the public statements the jews have made over the past century pledging the rise of China and demise of America. We should focus sharp attention on both these international mafias and how they are working together to destroy us.