Monday, March 25, 2013

Some Friendly Advice from an American to the Russians Regarding the Chinese


The Chinese are going to try to destroy Russia in the same way they have harmed America. Here are my words of warning to my friends in Russia having lived through the Chinese takeover of our economy:

Do not let Chinese live in your country, visit your factories or attend your universities. All Chinese are spies. They will bring with them hidden cameras. They will ask many question but surrender no information of their own. They will steal everything they can and give absolutely nothing back.

Do not let the Chinese buy your bonds or share your currency. They will place you in unpayable debt and rob you of your industry, patents, gold, natural resources and land. Be very careful to always have the balance of trade weighted in your favor. Do not let the Chinese sell you more than they buy from you.

Do not help the Chinese with their nuclear program. They will poison the earth and build an enormous nuclear arsenal as the jews conspire in America and Russia to disarm Whites and give our nuclear materials to Israel and China.

Arrest any politician who favors the Chinese. The Chinese will bribe any politician who will accept their money, whores and drugs. American Presidents and business leaders sold America out to the Chinese for decades now, on behalf of the jews. Make it illegal for any politician to accept money from Chinese or their proxies at any time before, during or after leaving office. Watch out for politicians who suddenly become rich after leaving office, and shun their successors.

Tax all Chinese trade passing through Russia and use the revenue to build Russian industry. Strive for Autarky and refuse to buy Chinese goods made with slave labor, lest you destroy your middle class who can never compete with slaves, and thereby impoverish Russia. Do not destroy your land to sell the Chinese raw materials or natural resources. The Chinese will pollute the earth and ruin your nation's legacy to all Russians to come. Do not let the Chinese own or control land in Russia and do not let Chinese live on Russian soil.

Do not sell Chinese arms of any kind. They will reverse engineer everything they acquire and improve upon the design. The trade and profits will not last long enough to justify the enormous risks of arming the Chinese on any level.

As an American who has lived through the devastation the Chinese have wrought upon America, I warn you, Russians, shun the Chinese. The Chinese are a plague which will consume you in a few short decades if you let in even a few! Look at what the Chinese have done to America and Japan, and learn what they haved planned for Russia.