Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Predatory Chinese Go in Search of Fresh Meat, Natural Resources and Lebensraum in Russia


The jews and the Chinese have conspired together to parasitically drain the USA of its life blood. The dark secret force of communism has been revealed. It provides the jews and the traitors they recruit among the human the races, with a slave labor force with which to place the White race into debt bondage, and with which to ruin White industrial might.

Chinese leadership, like the jews, are a vicious mafia that has mass murdered tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of Chinese. They have deliberately and with the full force of the State obliterated Chinese culture and replaced it with communist slave culture. Culture is the garb of human expression and the lens through which the psyche views itself and interacts with the community and the community with the individual. Slavery is a poor replacement for Chinese.

The thugs who rule China are wrapping up their war against America. They want to join with a rival gang to enforce their usury on America, usury enabled and created by the jews who founded communist China. If war breaks out in Korea, it will happen because the Chinese mafia orders it to happen, or the jews or Chinese will hit South Korea or Japan with a false flag nuclear attack. They will take advantage of the situation to test their new stock of Chinese and Russian weapons against America's latest and best, just as the jews did in the Spanish Civil War.

The Chinese are in search of a new White body to bleed dry, as they have done to America. Russia will make a tasty corpse. Russia will help the Chinese create a new currency and the Chinese will further addict the Russians to mass produced slave labor crap, as they have done to Americans. The Chinese with their jewish sponsors, will suck Russia dry and place it in debt bondage, as they have done to the USA. Then the Chinese will take Russia as Lebensraum and a source of natural resources, after poisoning the genes of Russians and leaving them infertile and degenerate.

I have been saying for decades that the jews want to make the Chinese the new Americans, and in many ways that is true. But I will now say that the Chinese want to make Russia the new America, an engine for their economy to exploit and leave dead ripe for invasion.

Russia would be better served to throw in their lot with we patriotic White Americans. We have the land we need and would never contemplate taking over Russia. Instead we will work with the Russians for our mutual preservation and prosperity.

The jews and Chinese are also using the Americans and Europeans to destroy Africa so as to drive the Africans into Europe and America destroying and consuming all. Africa and South America will be left vacant and ripe for an Asian invasion, or so the Chinese are hoping. The jews have a different plan and it does not include a racist supremacist Chinese world order. But the jews will humor and use the Chinese hoods who are robbing America blind and who will soon do the same to the Russians if the Russians are led by their crypto-jewish leaders to step into the trap.

It behooves us to win the Russians over to our side for our mutual benefit and survival. They have been very quiet about North Korea and that is not good. Russians hate the Japanese and know that North Korea is potentially fatal to the now frail Japanese. They are unwise to make a deal with the Chinese devil. They have everything China needs and desires and they are right next door.

We have to be very careful and very vocal to ensure that Obama and Hagel do not dismantle our nukes and ship them off to Shanghai and Tel Aviv. You can bet that these traitors have been promised billion dollar speaking engagements in China after their traitorous terms in office expire. Everything in America is for sale, that's the way the jews want it.