Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Trillion Dollar Coin No One Will Take and No One Will Break


For some six and one half years, I have been informing the world that North Korea is a proxy State for the communist Chinese and the threats coming from North Korea truly emanate from Beijing. Beijing is now threatening me and my family with an unprovoked nuclear attack. Unlike the mulatto puppet of the jews in the White House, I take the filthy Chinese threats very seriously and very personally. I have been warning about the current events for a very long time:

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Unlike the jews' puppet in the White House I have a few proposals to react to the nuclear threats the Red Chinese are screaming at us. The Chinese have been very cute about bribing our politicians and business men and corrupting our society in order to steal our economy. The Chinese have worked with their communist jew buddies to destroy the economic livelihood of Americans and are now threatening to murder us with nuclear weapons.

If we want to maintain our sense of humor in dealing with these murderous thugs, we should mint some blank lead slugs and call them trillion dollar coins. We can pay off our national bonds to the Chinese and Japanese with these coins. No one will take them and no one will break them. We can tell the Japanese and South Koreans to attend to their own affairs and pull out of the region. Let the Red Chinese attack South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, and consume themselves in their own growing empire of destruction.

Let the dominoes fall in Asia and the related island nations. Let them take and ruin the Philipines, Malaysia, Indonesia and then let them march on India.

Russia will not run to the Chinese to aid them. To do so would be certain suicide. The Chinese will move on Japan, Taiwan and South Korea and Russia will feel endangered by Chinese expansionism. If Russia wants to turn against us and Europe, they will be signing their death warrants to the mongol races, when they could instead join with the White Race where they belong.

Let Red China takeover and ruin all the countries they are drooling over in South Asia and the related islands. They will be dead within a decade.

With Russia on our side, we White Nations will control 95% of the nuclear weapons and all advanced military weaponry, as well as a near monopoly on food production. We will have an easy time destroying the Chinese should we ever have to do so. The Indians, Indonesians, Malaysians, etc. will come running to us for help and we will be their only hope to survive.

Screw the Chinese, and all the Asian problems that go with them. Whites working together can put down all those trying to destroy us, all those whom we have propped up and coddled, all those whom we have financed and made rich, all those who now threaten to ruin us and takeover what we have built. The Japanese bombed us at Pearl Harbor and took over our automobile and electronics industry. Let the Chinese have them. The South Asians hate us, so let the Chinese have them. The Koreans are taking over our durable goods industries, so let the Chinese take them, too. They will all fall together without us to prop them up.

What is the alternative, to let the Asian mongoloids take us over and rule the world? Why should we give them the world and empower the Chinese to exterminate us? What imperative is there which we are following to enable them to destroy us? Our survival is our highest morality. They hate us and they are using usury to steal all we have. Take them down together with the jews who are working to destroy us.

Momentum will carry us through the transition back to our status as undisputed world rulers. All the small and powerless nations will turn to us out of habit if we act now. South America and Europe are ours and are all we need.

Russia, should Russia join us, will ease our transition and together we can accomplish all that is needed within five years and be prospering as never before. We will buy Russian energy and assist Russia in ruling the Caspian and Black Seas. No more letting the Arabs gut our economy with gouging oil prices. Let our White Brothers in Russia wet their beaks on oil, and they will watch our backs in Asia. If they side against us, then the Chinese will ruin them within a decade. Then the Russians will come back to us. If the Russians try to trap us with a BRICS currency to buy energy, we will have an easy time making that currency worthless by bankrupting China and the Arab countries, though we want no problems with Russia and instead seek only friendship and cooperation for our mutual benefit.

Momentum and habit are all we need, and they are immutable laws of human nature. We are on top and need only refuse to step down and instead assert ourselves to maintain our dominance.

We need serious people to fund a serious political party that can put this message out to the American People. The Republicans and Democrats cannot even begin to compete with this empowering message and the American People are chomping at the bit to take revenge on the savage Chinese communists who are out to destroy America. We can take the jews down with them. We need serious people with serious funds to join this effort and the world will be ours for the taking. It is already in our hands and we need only act now to claim what is already ours.