Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wait a Minute, Didn't the Jewish "Alternative Media" Tell Us Hagel and Obama Were Going to Stop Israel, Save America and Rescue Iran and the Palestinians?


Why was I the only one warning you that Hagel and Obama were helping Israel create a hawkish and expansionist government to genocide the Palestinians and attack Iran? Why were the jewish alternative media lying to you and garnering your support for our traitorous enemies Obama and Hagel?

The jews told us that Obama and Hagel were going to shut Israel down and give the Palestinians back their land. The jews told us that Obama would put Netanyahu in his place and end all talk of a military attack on Iran.

From the beginning, I warned you that all such talk was subversive nonsense, a jewish campaign to win your support for jewish causes in the name of fighting the jews. Where is the outrage that the jews lied to you about Obama and Hagel? Why do you not demand accountability for the liars who deceived you?

Why are the Iranians in power providing a megaphone to the jews who are lying to you through Iranian media? It is because they are crypto-jews working for world jewry to destroy Iran and the USA.