Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why Are Cyprus and Greece Under Attack?


The jews are destabilizing Cyprus in part to reward Turkey for helping the jews to destroy Syria. The attack on Cyprus is an initial attack in the next war between Turkey and Russia, of which there have been many, all of which occurred at the behest of the jews, who alone profited from them all.

Greece is also being weakened to strengthen Turkey, or at least to create the illusion of strengthening Turkey. The real goal is to ultimately balkanize Turkey and open up Europe to a new Muslim invasion.

The jews may turn on Turkey at any moment and unleash Russia and Greece on the Turks. But for now, the jews and the Turks are toasting the demise of Cyprus.

Note that all the nations surrounding Israel are being deliberately destabilized, including Turkey. Israel is gaining hegemony in the region and will squeeze the masses of impoverished Arabs and others into Europe.