Wednesday, April 03, 2013

China Is About to Have an Uyghur and Muslim Problem, Again, Real Soon


For more than six years, I have been warning that the jews would pit Chinese, Turks, Russians and Muslims in general against each other on the path to WW III:

Exactly as I Predicted, the Jews Are Employing Pan-Turkism as a Weapon Against the Turkish People, the Chinese, the Russians, the Armenians, Etc. June 15, 2010

The Pan-Turkic Connection to the Unrest in China, July 19, 2009

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Beware of Communist China, January 09, 2007

The jews are about to provoke the Uyghurs and other Muslims to create problems for the Chinese in the West of China, while the Chinese are lining up to battle against the South Koreans and Americans in the East. This will be done not to aid America or South Korea, but rather to draw Russia and China closer on the basis of a common pan-Turk enemy and NATO enemy. The jews will increasingly inflame Turkey and Russia against each other and will inflame pan-Turkey against China, drawing China and Russia together, which is what the jews want.

The jews want to gin up yet another war between Russia and Turkey, and they want China to feel very nervous and bellicose. Expect this to happen very soon as war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula.