Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Communist Chinese Brutality

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


Long before the jews' boy Mao claimed China for the marxist jews, the jews imported bolshevik Chinese into Russia to help the New York jews mass murder the best Russians. These Chinese were especially brutal and bloodthirsty.

Chinese communists have mass murdered upwards of 70 million Chinese, far upwards. They invaded Tibet and made slaves of the Tibetans in their own country. They gave guns and other support to the North Vietnamese so that Vietnamese could mass murder and enslave Vietnamese. The bolshevik Chinese ran down the Korean peninsula helping the Koreans mass murder Koreans. The communist Chinese kept the masses of all these nations in abject poverty and political servitude.

Communist Chinese exploited American naivete and good will and engaged in a massive espionage and subversion campaign, stealing our economy. They engaged in unfair trade and currency manipulation.

The jewish subverted American government and the Israelis sponsored China's nuclear ambitions, arming our sworn enemy. Now the Chinese are threatening us with an unprovoked nuclear war through their proxy State North Korea.

Why do we engage in trade with this monster who is hellbent on genociding us? Why do we secure their trade routes and finance others to join with the Chinese against us? Only because the jews speak up, while you remain silent.