Tuesday, April 02, 2013

How to Spot a Bolshevik Jew Posing As If a Patriot

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


Jews in America have always covered for the murderous communists. The jew press hides the atrocities of their bolshevik brothers in the Soviet Union and Red China to this day. Jews also relentlessly attack their host country and try to make heroes out of enemies, and enemies out of ourselves. Jewish tribal loyalty manifests itself as loyalty to communist tyrunts and attacks on the host nation.

The jewish "alternative media" is controlled by a fifth column of communist jews who jump on every opportunity to criticize and condemn America to death, while glorifying communist thugs around the globe including Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong-un. Like the traitorous Rosenbergs they come to the aid of our enemies and try to sponsor nuclear attacks on America and on Americans. They glorify traitors who work against us including Jonathan Pollard.

In spite of the fact that North Korea's unprovoked aggression against us justifies an immediate nuclear attack against North Korea as a legitimate act of self defense, these traitorous bolshevik jews instead try to label America, which has shown restraint in the face of communist provocations, as if the aggressor. These subversive jews lie about us and try to demoralize us at every opportunity. They call us to political action to sponsor their judas goats including Ron and Rand Paul, but when an authentic opposition arises, they try to demoralize and defeat us with their jewish whining defeatism and attacks on American dignity.

Notice that there is no criticism of North Korea's expansionist communism in the jewish "alternative media". There is no mention of the fact that the communist Chinese are setting up the Koreans for yet another slaughter. The Chinese despise the Koreans and want to genocide them off the continent. The Chinese despise the Japanese and want to genocide them to create absolute Chinese hegemony over the seas of the Western Pacific.

But listen to the jewish subversives who grow fat in America and Western nations, and we are the problem, not the communists who aggressively attack us. These traitorous filth steal all they can from us, while calling for our destruction and aiding our enemies. They defame us and try to defeat our nations in which they live in comfort and wealth secured by the soldiers whose deaths they seek.

North Korea sure has made it easy to spot the traitorous bolshevik jews in our midst. Amazing how many of them are vegans. It is an easy way for a jew to hide his kosher diet.