Friday, April 05, 2013

International Jewish Media Continues to Provide Time and Cover for the Chinese Communists


Just as the jewish media deliberately covered up the atrocities of the Soviet Union, including Kaganovich's jewish genocide of Ukrainians and other inhuman crimes committed under the communists, the international jewish media is covering up the fact that China is behind North Korea's declaration of war against South Korea and the United States. The jewish media is spreading the lie that Kim Jong-un is merely posturing for his generals as if a strongman to secure his position of power. The jewish media is coaxing the American government to assume a weak posture in the face of an open declaration of war, so as to win the Chinese time to prepare an attack on South Korea and Japan.

North Korea would never have declared war on America if the Chinese had not guaranteed their full support and told North Korea to make the declaration. China is certainly behind all this and North Korea is their toady proxy opening up the way to the war the Chinese want. Kim Jong-un speaks with such bravado because he knows that billions of Chinese stand behind him.

It is no coincidence that the jewish media recently made a celebrity out of the "first lady" of communist China. They are trying to hide the fangs and daggers of the Chinese military machine that is about to unleash an attack on America.

The international jewish press is closely controlled by the jews' international intelligence community. The press is controlled by Mossad/CIA and Mossad/CIA by the jewish bankers. The think tanks which formulate public opinion and public policy are created, financed and operated by jews tied to the jewish intelligence community. Their overall strategy is to hide China's war on the USA and hamstring America's defenses. They are bolstering the communists and sacking America.

The international jewish press has consistently promoted the communist agenda of demoralizing Americans. They promote the genocide of Whites and the erosion of White nations and White human rights. They have demonstrated a horrific double standard in their response to Iran and North Korean. When they portray jews as if threatened, banner headlines appear around the world decrying the threat and calling for immediate military action. When the Chinese and North Koreans declare nuclear war on America, the press is too often conspicuously mute, and when it does speak, it blames America for the unprovoked attack, and covers for the Chinese.

The common theme is hate America and Whites and celebrate the enemies of Americans and Whites. The war is on, how are you fighting it?