Saturday, April 06, 2013

Obama's "Diplomacy" Is a Farce Which Further Empowers the Chinese Communists


Instead of turning to Russia for an alliance, the jewish media and the Obama administration are effectively and literally claiming that Red China is our ally. Obama is begging our enemy China to rein in North Korea.

Obama's is exactly the wrong approach we should take. We should exhibit strength, not weakness. Red China has borne the duty to strongly condemn North Korea and pledge war against the nation if it attacks South Korea or the USA. It is clear that Red China is the source of the communist aggression coming from North Korea.

America should be using its diplomatic capital not to run to China with its tail between its legs, but instead to join with Russia and Australia against the common Chinese threat. China, Japan and South Korea have no military might. Russia does. China, Japan and South Korea are conspiring to destroy the dollar and bury our economy. They are not our allies. They only exploit our good will and sap our strength.

Russia has what we need. Russia and the USA combined control the military force needed to face any threats. Obama and the jewish media are driving the Russians towards the Chinese and away from America. Obama is making our enemy China the arbiter of our fate, when it is China who is deliberately manufacturing several crises for our nation. Obama is giving Russia no choice to join with America but is instead insisting they side with China, allowing China to play America and Russia off of one another.

Australia is under aggressive attack from the Chinese. They can quickly transfer a large enough population to disenfranchise the White Australians, and they have the economic power to rape the Australian landscape and bankrupt Australia as the Chinese are doing to America. The Chinese are using Australia to isolate Malaysia and Indonesia, and the jews have helped the Chinese by weakening Pakistan.

Red China is our enemy, NOT our ally. We can shut them down quickly by mining their harbors, seizing and sinking their battle and commercial ships and cutting off their commercial flights around the globe. China will starve within a year without food coming from abroad and their economy will completely collapse without the means of conducting exploitive trade.

Russia is the key to making these objectives a reality. Whites must unite for our Mutually Assured Preservation.