Friday, April 12, 2013

The Government of North Korea Confirms My Earlier Report that Japan Will Likely Be the First Hit by North Korea


The news is reporting that North Korea has today threatened to make Japan its first target for attack:

North Korea to Japan: You're First. Pyongyang warns it could nuke Tokyo over the 'slightest move' by Mark Russell, Newser Staff Posted Apr 12, 2013

I predicted that Japan was one of North Korea and China's primary targets back in 2006, and on 6 April 2013, I expressly stated that the communist Chinese and North Koreans would make Japan the first target they would hit:

Attack on Japan Likely, April 06, 2013

In which article I stated:

"I suspect the likely target of the first Chinese/Korean attack will be Japan. This will bring Japan into the Korean war and provide communist China with a pretext for an invasion of the islands.

Like the Imperial Japanese, the communist Chinese are threatening Hawaii. They also want the Philippines and Guam. It does the Chinese little good to take South Korea without also taking Japan. Japan is the perfect staging ground for American military forces and is more secure for America than South Korea given that the islands provide a sea buffer and American air power is strong. Taiwan is a bit of a wild card. Japan is very weak at the moment and is easily hit from North Korea.

What will Russia do if Japan is hit? Russians have no love for Japanese. The Chinese expect the American economy to fold if Japan and South Korea go to war. Why would Russia want China to control the seas? It is difficult to believe that the Russians would be eager for a world war, given the horrific losses they suffered in and as a result of the previous world wars. The Russians talk tough and are tough, but a world war, for what?

This is China and jewry's game. The Chinese need land. Only a world war can win them that if other nations clamp down on immigration. Jewry has always wanted a world war.

We can take them down together if we can take political power in the USA and make an alliance with the Russians."

Note that despite exact accuracy, no one is discussing my predictions or analyses. It amazes me, and I not know what else to do but carry on revealing the truth before a wall of silence (and delayed plagiarism when the facts can no longer be ignored).