Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Jewish Model for Communist Takeover: Subversion, Demoralization and Normalization


It is obvious to all who read this blog that the jews have subverted American government, press, education, agriculture and industry. The jews have deliberately placed their people in positions of power and influence in each of these societal mechanisms in order to destroy and pervert them, making the abnormal and destructive appear to be normal and healthy. The jews have even gone so far as to make artificial life forms our source of food so as to corrupt our DNA and ruin our soil and seed.

The jews have sought to demoralize us, not only through corruption of the mainstream media, but of more importance to my readers, of the "alternative media". The jews in the alternative media are constantly trying to undermine our currency and lead us towards revolution. They demean Americans and the American government. They provoke us to hate ourselves as they lead us to glorify our enemies. The real tell that both the mainstream and alternative media are controlled by communists is that they glorify communists and blame America and Americans for the horrific things that communists do and have done.

Presently, the mainstream and alternative media are busy making excuses for China and North Korea, in sharp contrast to the mainstream media's attacks on Iran. Jews provide cover for and glorify jews and communists cover for and glorify communists.

In the alternative media the bolshevik jews who dominate and control it want us to view their revolutionary communist comrades Kim Jong-un, Chavez, Gaddafi, and Ahmadinejad as if heroes of our cause for the very reason that they oppose America. We are Americans. We should not glorify or sponsor our enemies. The solution to our jewish problem is not to destroy ourselves and empower our enemies, who are just as jewish controlled as is our subverted society. Our solution is to destroy jewish power at home and abroad.

The subversive and demoralizing jews in the mainstream and alternative medias, as well as in government, education, agriculture and industry, are driving us to disgust so that we seek a solution to the problems the jews have deliberately caused us through a process known as "normalization". Now the subversive jews are proposing the destruction of America via revolution as if a solution that will restore America. They are asking us to glorify those who want to exterminate us, because this will get rid of the problem with which they have scapegoated Americans but is truly jewish in origin. And there are actually large numbers of idiots who accept this jewish subversion which calls for Americans to suicide themselves as if a solution that will save them.

The jews are variously proposing libertarianism (in reality closet communitarianism), fascism (in reality closet fabianism) and countless other revolutionary subversions as if those will solve the jewish problem, but they have no intentions of solving the problem. Instead, they want to destroy the US Constitution and with it our freedom of speech and political rights. They want absolute control so that they can begin to quickly kill us en masse and preclude any possibility that we can use the political system to remove the jews. In other words, the jews want us to believe that the best way to "normalize" the system is for us to destroy it and open the door to jewish totalitarianism. North Korea provides us with a suitable example of how jewish totalitarianism does not work.

The jewish bolsheviks are making their move on America. Their subversion of the "alternative media", the Russian American media and Iranian American media are a major part of their plan for subversion, demoralization and normalization to destroy us. We face a far worse fate than did Russia under the bolshevik jews. The jews want to completely genocide us.

We need to organize politically as Americans to enforce the American social contract. There is no need, nor would it benefit us, to help the jews destroy our nation in the name of saving it. Stop hating America and start working to purge the ruinous jews who dominate our institutions, including the "alternative media".

If only we would impose our political will on the nation, we are in a highly advantageous situation to dominate the world for the benefit of all. We, Americans, alone have the power to crush the jews and communism, if only we will stop herding behind the judas goat jews, including those who openly claim that America is dead and should suicide itself, those subversive jews in the "alternative media". These jews are closet communists wearing patriots' and Christians' clothing.