Friday, April 05, 2013

The Mulatto House Is in Bed with the Red Chinese


Professional traitors Barack Obama and Chuck Hagel are not only failing to defend America, they are aiding and abetting the enemy communist Chinese. Note that the jewish media no longer refers to the Red Chinese or the North Koreans as the communists that they are. Note further that Taiwan is rarely mentioned as Chinese. It reminds me of the fact that the jewish media no longer refers to illegal immigrants as illegal immigrants.

The Israel-firsters, the jew puppets in the Mulatto House on Pennsylvania Ave, Obama and Hagel are granting the mainland Chinese cover and buying them time to prepare for a sprint down the Korean Peninsula, as happened when the Red Chinese went to war against us in the last Korean War. What could Obama and Hagel be doing differently?

The Chinese depend on trade. A large part of their trade comes from shipping. Do we have plans in place to sink every Red Chinese shipping vessel, to seize Red Chinese cargo, to interrupt and destroy all means of foreign trade the enemy Chinese have in place?

The communist Chinese depend on imports of raw materials and food. What plans are in place and preparations being executed to cut off all foreign supplies to communist China in the event of war?

Russia is potentially our best ally against Red China. What diplomatic initiatives are in place to secure Russia as our ally? Surely, the Russians cannot wish for the Chinese to control all of Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the South China Sea. How will Russia secure its access to the seas with NATO on one side and the Chinese exercising absolute control over the other?

Speaking of allies, what are Obama and Hagel doing to end Chinese immigration into and influence in Australia? Can they not see that the Chinese are setting up to destroy Indonesia and Malaysia on their way to Africa, by taking over Australia and encircling Muslim South East Asia and related islands? Is it not clear that the Chinese are clearing their path to South and Central America by taking over all of Korea, Japan and Taiwan?

The Chinese are highly vulnerable and should be reminded of that fact. They depend heavily on unguarded foreign trade for exports, food, energy and raw materials. We should not stake our fate on Korea when the Chinese attack us, for that is where they are strongest. We should instead hit them on every flank where they are weakest. But don't expect the jews' puppets in the White House to ever defend a White nation, especially not our own.