Friday, April 05, 2013

We Need a Massive Diplomatic Effort to Secure a Meaningful and Productive Alliance with the Russians


At a time when America is wasting its resources attacking Arab countries for the benefit of the jews, America is concurrently wasting its diplomatic resources corrupting the Middle East. We should instead be engaged in an enormous campaign to win an alliance with Russia that goes beyond the politicians to the Russian People, Russian agriculture, Russian energy production and Russian industry.

Russia controls vast territory and has an overall low population density. The only reason they would desire to formulate another empire would be to secure their trade routes and access to the seas. We are in a position to help them secure their interests without the formulation of an empire and we should do so.

A secure Russia would have no interest in attacking the USA. They do not need our land and trade between our nations can and should be mutually beneficial. Russia is our natural ally.

China, on the other hand, needs land, energy and raw materials. They have every incentive to expand and wage war on other nations, all the more so because they are racist supremacists with an ancient belief that they are destined to rule the world and wipe out the barbarian races. China is our natural enemy.

Since our jewish corrupted government will not do what needs doing, we have to be smart enough to do it for ourselves. I am working at it. How smart are you?