Monday, April 01, 2013

We Need to Rethink Our Alliances


During WW II, Germany's alliance with the Japanese only brought Germany war with Whites and inevitable ruin. During WW II, Germany's war on Russia and its satellites only ensured Germany's defeat.

Today, the jews have us aligned with the Japanese, South Koreans and Taiwanese. We provide stability to the region, which empowers the mongoloid race to steal what we have built and take what is ours through usury and unfair trade practices. The stability we provide enables the Chinese to threaten our national existence through their proxy North Korea. It enables the Chinese and Japanese to trade together to dominate the region's economic activity while we foot the bill for the military expenses. It allows the Russians and Indians to make a foolish alliance with the Chinese against us.

Fighting the Vietnam and Korean wars did not help us. Russian and Chinese guns killed our young men and we gained nothing, but the eventual loss of more of our industry to South Korea. Communists can only compete with us if we are stupid enough to trade with them. Then, their slave labor gives them a competitive advantage. Then, they can steal our innovations and sell them back to us at a profit. Then, they corrupt our government and business leaders.

What if we to let the Koreans slaughter each other? What would we stand to lose and they to gain? North Korea has threatened to attack us with nuclear weapons. We now have an open license to incinerate them at any time we so choose. If we pull out of South Korea, the Chinese are apt to move into North Korea and then down the peninsula as they did in the last war. Is that what the Russians want? Is that what the Japanese want? If not, then where is their support for us?

China will feel more powerful, but we will concurrently bankrupt them and openly acknowledge the fact that the Chinese are our mortal enemy and have declared nuclear war on us through North Korea. Their economy will grind to a halt.

Do the Indians and Russians really want to see an expansionist China, or are they merely taking advantage of the stability we provide to screw us over? What of Malaysia and Indonesia? They know the racist, supremacist communist Chinese. The Chinese navy is itching to dominate their waters. Why should we protect them when they hate us?

Australia is being invaded by Chinese. A race war is raging to take over White Continents.

If the Chinese take over Korea and Japan, they will control the seas around Russia's eastern border. NATO already controls the seas around Russia's western borders. Russia is being very unwise to empower the Chinese to cut them off while the jews are inciting NATO, including Turkey and Germany, against the Russians. The Russians would be far better off working with loyal Americans to dethrone the jews and tame the Chinese, rather than help to empower both.

We would be far better off to shrug off the jews' yoke and join with the Russians to tame the mongoloids and secure our territories and economies. The Chinese and jews hate the Indians. Indians, in the jews' eyes, are heinous idolaters. As for the Chinese, the Indians are a threat to their supremacy. So why are we providing stability for the Indians while they are working with the Chinese against us? We can trap India between China and Pakistan, rather than tolerating an alliance between India and China against us. If that is how they want to treat us, we can pit Pakistan against them.

We must cease to align ourselves with those who exploit us and seek our ultimate demise. We ought to seek natural alliances with those who stand nothing to gain from our destruction should we join forces for our Mutual Assured Preservation. Russia needs trade and trade routes. We should not give them that if they are working against us. But should we join forces, then we can guarantee their trade and trade routes to our mutual advantage and Russia already has so much land that they stand nothing to gain by fighting with us.

It is the Chinese who are our natural enemies. They stand everything to gain by stealing our economy and securing their trade routes to our detriment. That is what they are doing in Korea, hoping to bankrupt us with another war while they take over Korea and Japan and control the Pacific. The Russians are unwise to enable this attack, for if successful it will guarantee their destruction.

Let the Koreans kill each other, if that is their choice. We can step in the moment China lines up on the border and exercise our right to use WMD against the Koreans who have threatened to use them against us. We do not need to repeat our mistakes in Vietnam, nor the German's mistakes in WW II. We should reshuffle our alliances to favor our interests. Much has changed since the end of the Cold War, except the necessary changes in our alliances