Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blacks and Other Minorities Bear a Special Duty to Rein in Obama

The Jews used Blacks and other minorities to put their puppet Obama into office. If Obama attacks Syria, Blacks will suffer worse harm from the economic repercussions of the attack, than will Whites.

Therefore, Blacks have an even greater duty to rein Obama. They also have greater leverage against the Democons in the Democratic Party than do Whites, given that Blacks are slavishly obedient to the party. Blacks should be protesting Obama's threats of acts of war against Syria, and they should be doing it en masse.

We should also be protesting these Jewish threats of war with all our might! Do you want to murder millions more helpless people? Do you want the housing market to collapse? Do you want to lose your job and destroy the future of your children? Why aren't you protesting these threats directly to the government? If any of our politicians are willing to stop the Jews and their puppet Obama, then they need our vocal support. So where is it, wasting time discussing Miley Cyrus?