Thursday, August 29, 2013

How the Jews Managed Dissent Following Obama's Threats Against Syria

The jews very carefully and effectively managed your dissent after Obama threatened to illegally wage war on Syria. The jews did not want you to protest the decision. Rather they wanted to direct your outrage into several avenues which lead nowhere.

The jews congratulated you on knowing that Obama would someday attack Syria. This reinforced your ego, giving you a sense of comfort and satisfaction that you are a good person who has done enough by being informed. No need for action to stop it, since this attack is a given, was the hidden message the jews were signaling to you.

The jews said absolutely nothing about calling upon the government to rein in Obama. The jews did not organize, or even suggest, the needed protests which would stop Obama. They instead sought to make you feel resigned to the attack as if it were already done, a fact on the ground, as the jews are wont to say, about which nothing could or should be done beyond pointless whining and self congratulations for going along with murder by doing nothing to stop it.

The jews immediately claimed the attack was certain. They tried to encourage Syria to threaten and strike Israel. They expressed dissatisfaction with Russia and China after promising us that absurd notion that Russia and China would rescue us poor Americans by destroying us, but the jews did not offer up the idea that we could and should depend upon ourselves to control our own fate.

Imagine how the jews would have reacted if Obama had threatened to attack Israel and began moving ships into the area of attack. The jews would have immediately called upon everyone to stop Obama. The jews would have flooded Congress with protests, and been all over the media demanding the American People stop the President from attacking Israel.

The jews have played you for the fool yet again, dear reader. If they succeed in an American attack, they will scapegoat us and turn you against the American Government, then, with the facts really on the ground, they will call on you to destroy your country for the horrible things the government is doing. But the jews will not organize you to protest, until after the attack and everything goes as planned. In this way, the jews weaken and ruin us, as we weaken and ruin others.

It appears that nearly every organ of the jewish controlled alternative media follows the same script, whine and complain and do nothing until it is too late, and then do nothing but destroy your own nation, demean yourselves and your people with self hatred, and glorify your enemies because you are so despicable you deserve destruction.

Why do you let the jews control all the means of organization for protesting outrageous actions by the government? It is a suicidal mistake, and we are dying.