Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pressure Congress to Stop Obama From Aggressively and Illegally Attacking Syria

Do not wait for the jews to organize you to protest their planned war on Syria, after it has happened. Do not let the jews deceive you into believing that our enemy China will help us by murdering us. Do not let the jews cajole you into inaction by promising you that Putin is your savior.

Save yourselves and honor yourselves by acting on your own behalf, on behalf of our beloved America, and on behalf of humanity and life on Earth. Protest the jews' aggression by talking to everyone you can and speaking out against the threats to attack Syria. Grumble in busy public places that an attack on Syria is morally wrong, and will destroy our economy and will likely trigger WW III.

Contact members of Congress and tell them that you do NOT want the US to attack Syria:

Organize public protests and call on others on the internet to demand the US Government NOT attack Syria. Create a public buzz against the aggression. Ridicule the jews' "alternative media" for promoting American self hatred, promotion of our enemy China, and refusal to organize massive protests to prevent a Syrian attack. But do not simply criticize, ACT NOW TO STOP THE JEWS FROM ATTACKING SYRIA!