Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Jews Are Using Homosexuals' Rights to Divide and Conquer Whites

The Jews are forever pitting Western Europe against Russia and Russians against other Whites. Should Whites instead unite against the Jews, nearly all nuclear weapons, and with them the World, would be ours.

Russia is the natural ally of the USA. We both enjoy vast and rich territories capable of supplying our needs. Russians have no need nor desire to conquer American soil, nor do Americans have any need or desire to take Russian land.

In the Civil War, Russia was a firm and honorable ally against the Jews who successfully divided us against ourselves. It was the Jews who turned America against Russia, and Russia against America, not any natural force, just Jewish evil.

Today, the Jews are busy ginning up hostilities between Western Europeans and Russians at a critical time when we should be building up an alliance against our common Asian and International Jewish enemies. The Jews are despicably using homosexuality as a wedge issue to turn us against one another.

The Jews have always tried to mischaracterize the Russians as if intolerant and bigoted. The Jews have also always tried to use homosexuality to corrupt the Western world. This latest artificial conflict between Gays and Russia is just another instance of the Jewish war on the White Race.