Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We Can Stop an American Democon Attack on Syria If We Protest It

The Jews are really going too far this time in their desperation to wage perpetual war on Islam. We can stop their aggression on Syria if we initiate a campaign to call in to Congressional offices and voice our objection to this next war for Israel. Rev. Ted Pike's approach to thwarting ADL sponsored legislation is a good one and should be applied in this instance to stop the coming war.

There is no public support for this lie based aggression. Any attack would severely harm the World economy. Gas prices are already going to rise as a direct result of the Democons' threats.

The Israelis are hoping that Syria will attack them so they can broaden the war. Expect the Jews to bomb themselves and blame Iran and Syria.

For once, we should be in the streets BEFORE the war starts, protesting to PREVENT it, rather than to foment anti-American and anti-government Jewish revolutionary spirit after the Jews have brought us into war.