Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Because of the Jews, Every Day Is Like 9/11/2001

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews' false flag attack on 11 September 2001 was employed as a casus belli for America to destroy Afghanistan and then Iraq. The larger target of this war was America itself, which the jews sought to bankrupt financially, morally and spiritually. History has taught the jews that wars in Afghanistan are a sure recipe for national ruin and the jews are ruining us with wars every day.

But 9/11 was but a fragment of the daily barrage of vicious jewish attacks on humanity. Just the fact that jews pretend to be Americans while subverting our national interests, murdering our people, raising enemies against us and bringing us aggressively into war against those who have not harmed us, decieving us with their media and politicians, poisoning our land, air, water, food supply, homes, etc.; just the fact that jews use our humanity to decieve us into tolerating their genocidal presence on Earth so that they can kill us is a product of their ancient plan to become their god on Earth, their god the devil, himself, whose attributes they desire to emulate as jewish omniscience (infinite knowledge through an international espionage network, control of the press, control of educational institutions, ownership of manufacturing and publishing enterprises, etc.); omnipotence (unlimited power by means of money and debt creation, political control, philosophical control, media control, educational control, etc.); omnipresence (present everywhere by means of self dispersion into every nation and every field of endeavor, cryptojewry, and regulation of the zeitgeist defining culture); omnimalevolence (perfect evil, killing everything alive, destroying culture and civilization, deliberately spreading war, poverty, disease, perversion, strife, revolution, genocide, oppression, etc.).

Yes, the jews are a mirror image of their evil god and bear its horrific attributes. Every day is like 9/11/2001 because every day the jews attack and decieve us hoping to soon kill us all.