Friday, September 13, 2013

Contracts Made Under Duress Are Voidable

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is a general principle of contract law that contracts made under duress are voidable by the party suffering the abuse. Syria is clearly under duress, in that Kerry and Obama have called for the American bombing of the nation.

Chemical weapons are weapons of mass destruction, cowardly and inhumane weapons of war. They are easily deployed against civilians. As such, chemical weapons are generally considered weapons of deterrance, which is why the jews want to take them from the Syrians under duress, or via military strikes.

Israel has long faced a dilemma of trying to appear under imminent threat of attack, while at the same time desiring jews abroad to move to Israel. In addition, the jews solicit tourism. The threat of deterrance that Syria's chemical weapons pose hurt the Israelis' desire for jews to make aliyah and for tourism.

Beyond this, they act as a deterrant to an Israeli attack on Syria, Lebanon, and Iran and must be factored into military and political decisions to make war. It is harder for jewish warmongers to gain assent to war as long as Syria has chemical weapons.

On the other hand, Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles serve as a pretext for false flag attacks creating in the mind of the public a casus belli. So the jews win and the Syrians lose unless and until we, the American public, demand an end to the mercinary attack on the nation of Syria. This is how Russia is subverting Syria's hope of survival, by not first demanding that all nations drop their support for the aggression against Syria, before Syria give up its chemical weapons capabilities.

Syria has not intent to use its chemical weapons stockpiles other than for their detterant value. All Syria gains by unilaterally surrendering these weapons is the possible diminution of the effect of another chemical weapons false flag attack, and a temporary halt to threat of iminent American bombardment. That may well be enough to justify the sacrifice of deterrance. That is a decision for the Syrian government to make.

But this by no means brings peace, nor will it end the jewish led aggression against Syria, and Putin has done nothing to curtail or even criticize the jewish bloodlust to ruin Syria. Putin has instead lauded the jewish League of Nations and United Nations which were created to create Israel as the reward for two world wars, the false promise of peace through internationalization promised in the jew book of Isaiah and reneged upon at every opportunity by the jews.

The jews created both world wars to create Israel and to make the world public so war weary that they would sacrifice national sovereignty for the sake of peace. Putin applauds this, but does nothing to see to it that the UN resolutions against Israel are enforced. Putin is a globalist and he is selling out Russia, its military, its people, its natural resources and its future to the jews, just as Yeltsin did, just as Stalin did, etc. Note that Putin identified Russia with the Soviet Union when seeking an example of American and Russian partnership, but made no mention of the Czarist support for America during the American Civil War. Putin identifies with Sovietism, not nationalism. Putin encourages Americans to strive for mediocrity. Though Jefferson declared that all men are created equal, he did so as a premise to secure a White national government sovereign from all the rest of the world. Equality of rights affords everyone the opportunity to excel beyond their fellows and achieve exceptional greatness, something the soviet mindset violently opposes.