Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Expect the Jews to Pour Billions into Destabilizing Iran and Turkey, and Viciously Assault the Palestinians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jewish grip on media is not serving them nearly so well as it did in the recent past in America. The jews' cointelpro alternative media is also not serving them well, because the general public, who are not controlled by this jewish media and pay no attention to it, the general public are becoming jewwise. Witness the fact that the American People spontaneously petitioned the Congress to rein in Obama despite the jewish alternative media's campaign to make it appear futile to oppose the jews. Now, the mainstream jew media are adopting the style of, and joining with the jew alternative media to control the general public opinion to make it anti-­American and pro­-Putin.

The last weapon in the jews' genocidal arsenal is massive amounts of cash stolen from the American taxpayer. The jews want their Ahmadinejad back. They are going to pour oceans of money into destabilizing Iran and shine solar spotlights of criticism on Rouhani. The jews will turn on their puppet Erdogan and call on the Kurds to spread chaos in Turkey, Syria and Iraq, and the jews will fund and coordinate these attacks. The three blind mice the jews are chasing around are Syria, Iran and Lebanon. Expect the jews to take radical actions against the Palestinians.

By attacking the Palestinians, who are defenseless, the jews will seek to provoke the Turks into revolt, the Syrians into disarray and recklessness, the Lebanese into war, the Egyptians into a deep abyss of chaos, and the Iranians into radicalism.

Putin will get a few scooby snacks to hand out to his underlings for helping the jews cover their failure to control the US Congress and the American People. Hurting Turkey helps Russia. Iran will be forced to aid BRICS as its only means of survival as the jews tighten the financial noose on the Persians.

The jews will tell the Communist Chinese to spend still more money on Russian raw materials and arms and will use their control over North Korea to help the Russians and fund their war machine to use against White Europeans. The jews will use their monopolistic control over mainstream and alternative media to bolster their puppet Putin's popularity, and enormous ego. This helps the jews to control the American public and internationalize America by preventing Americans from realizing that all the power they need for freedom and prosperity is already theirs if only they would claim it and take control of their nation. America becomes international and completely controlled by looking to a foreign savior whose interests oppose those of Americans.

Always remember that the jews are international and bear no loyalty to any nation but their own. Their fate is not tied to any individual nation, but rather to their control over humanity. They do not want to control one nation alone and guide its destiny in a vacuum. They do not view us as nations other than as a means to control the whole lot of humanity. No individual host nation represents jewry or its broad agenda. Instead, jewry attempts to control all of humanity as the means to secure its own parasitic interests, which are both absolutely international and absolutely nationalistic, nationalistic for the jews who then view the entire Earth as their domain to be controlled with an iron fist.

The jews failed on Syria because the American public is now jewwise. The jews will adjust quickly to this new reality and play the world to their favor as best they can. The jews will increasingly try to make Americans hate themselves and try to internationalize and weaken us by promoting foreign saviors who do nothing for us and everything against us.