Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I have Found Many More Sources Stating Talaat Pasha and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Were Doenmeh Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In preparation for the promised hard copy publication of my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, I did more research to support the fact that Talaat and Ataturk were crypto-jews. I do not want to see this research go to waste despite the broken promises made to me.

Here are some of the citations which my research has yielded and these are supplemental to those already cited in previous editions of my book.

"Mustafa Kemal (Turkish nationalist leader), whom the grand vizier presents as a Jew, was born a Turk and his parents were from Salonika and were Deunmes, as were the parents of Talat and Djavid."--"Denies That National Turks Are Foreigners", The Miami Metropolis, (30 June 1920). Also: "Armenian Leader Shows Falsity of Turkish Claims: Discloses Who Are Leaders of the Nationalists", The Providence News, (24 June 1920).

"The members of the Central Committee of the Salonika organization were Karasu and the following proselytes (Doenme): Muhammed Javit; a teach in the school of commerces; Talaat, the Secretary of Post and [. . . .]"–S. G. Svajian, A Trip Through Historic Armenia, Green Hill Publishing, Armenia, (1977), p. 393.

"Interestingly enough, Talaat had once taught Turkish language in the Jewish school in the city of his birth."–E. A. Cooperman, Turco-Jewish Relations in the Ottoman City of Salonika, 1889-1912: Two Communities in Support of the Ottoman Empire, New York University, (1991), p.86.

"Four years later Talaat even propagated the fantastic idea of a 'Muslim-Jewish Alliance.' The Balkan wars had plunged the Ottoman Empire into financial ruin and Talaat, who became a key member of the CUP's ruling triumvirate following the military coup of Janauary 1913, expected the Zionists to link the empire with the fabulous wealth of 'world Jewry.'"–E. Karsh, Empires of the Sand: The Struggle for Mastery in the Middle East, 1789-1923.

"Cependant, si ma mémoire est fidèle, Talaat pacha est un deunmeh et Djavid pacha dirigea une de vos écoles."–Revue des deux mondes, (1917), p. 631.

"The former Grand Vizier, Talaat, is of the so-called Deunmeh, or perverts from Judaism, a powerful group in Salonica who have furnished several chief men to the Young Turks, and of whose religious zeal the less said the better."–"The Waning Crescent in Turkey", The Moslem World, Volume 9, Missionary Review Publishing Co., Inc., New York, New York, (1919), p. 72.

"The deunmehs of to-day, affiliated with Free Masonry, instructed in Occidental universities, often professing total atheism, have given leaders to the Young Turk revolution. Talaat Bey, Djavid Bey, and many other members of the Committee [. . . .]"–E. Littell, R. S. Tittell, The Living Age, Volume 320, (1924), p. 420.

"Les criminels ne sont pas les vrais musulmans, mais ce sont les deunmehs! ... camparses: Saïd Halim pacha, Midhat Chukru, le commandant militaire de Constantinople Ahmed Djevad, Atif, Halil bey, Zia Geukalp, Kutchuk, Talaat, etc."–A. Beylerian, Les grandes puissances, l'Empire Ottoman et les Arméniens dans les archives francaises (1914-1918): documents reunis et presentes par Arthur Beylerian, Universite de Paris I–Pantheon-Sorbonne, (1983), p. lxi.

"[. . .] not only the CUP minister of finance, Djavid, but also the CUP minister of the interior, Talat, among the dönme from Salonica."–Hans-Lukas Kieser, A Quest for Belonging: Anatolia Beyond Empire and Nation, (2007).

"In 1911, the editors counted not only CUP minister of finance, Javid, but also, wrongly, the CUP minister of the interior, Talat, among the dönme from Salonika."–Hans-Lukas Kieser, Nearest East: American Millenialism and Mission to the Middle East, (2010), p. 62.

"In 1911 according to General Sherif Pasha (who is in a position to know, having served on the Committee), the directorate of the Union and Progress Committee was composed of: three Jews, MM. Carasso, Cohen and Faraggi; nine Mâmins [Doenmeh], Djavid Bey, Dr. Nazim, Osman, Talaat Bey, Baldgi, Kiani Ipeck, Karakasch, Kiazim, and Osman Adil[. . . .] two of the members of the Occult Directory of Salonika, two Mâmins, Talaat the Postman and Djaivd an elementary schoolmaster, became ministers. [. . .] Talaat Bey, and the grand council of which is exclusively compounded of Jews and Mâmins such as MM. Carasso, Cohen, Faraggi, Djavid Bey, Salomon Kibar, etc., that is to say the old Salonika Committee less the few genuine Turks who served on that body and have been[. . . .]"–The Oxford and Cambridge Review, Volumes 25-26, (1912), pp. 157, 159 and 165. A French translation of these quotations appears in: Le Revue antimaçonnique, Volume 5, (1912), pp. 89, 96-97.

"Talaat Pasha, Enver Pasha and Jamal Pasha, who orchestrated the Armenian Christian slaughter, were of Jewish ancestry. Along with Ataturk, a Jew with Greek blood, they were members of the Jewish donme."–T. Christ, Bread Crumb: A Greek's Odyssey, (2003), p. 388.

See also Arnold Toynbee in Great Contemporaries: Essays by Various Hands, Cassell and Company, Limited, (1935). p. 291.

We need a professional video to document these facts and disseminate this information on the internet.

We can warn the World about the genocidal jews with a series of documentaries revealing the jews' many genocides of non-jews. I cannot do this alone and will not attempt it without sufficient support.