Friday, September 13, 2013

Jewish Injustice Is Destroying America, By Design

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Much that is considered Christian wisdom is in fact jewish plagiarism of the Greeks. Many sayings attributed to Jesus are direct copies of Aesop's fables, for example the wolf in sheep's clothing to name but one of many. Jesus said to turn the other cheek long after Socrates famously stated,

"One should never do wrong in return, nor mistreat any man, no matter how one has been mistreated by him."

The jews are poisoning us by making us unjust as a nation. From the tenth book of Plato's Republic we read,

"And now you must allow me to repeat of the just the blessings which you were attributing to the fortunate unjust. I shall say of them, what you were saying of the others, that as they grow older, they become rulers in their own city if they care to be; they marry whom they like and give in marriage to whom they will; all that you said of the others I now say of these. And, on the other hand, of the unjust I say that the greater number, even though they escape in their youth, are found out at last and look foolish at the end of their course, and when they come to be old and miserable are flouted alike by stranger and citizen; they are beaten and then come those things unfit for ears polite, as you truly term them; they will be racked and have their eyes burned out, as you were saying. And you may suppose that I have repeated the remainder of your tale of horrors. But will you let me assume, without reciting them, that these things are true?"

Even if we survive, we damage the immortal soul of our national existence when we are unjust, as we did with the jewish slave trade. The jews believe their god will destroy us like it did Sodom and Gomorrah should we become exceedingly perverse and injust, and so the jews do all they can to make us unjust and perverse, then they demand we hate and destroy ourselves for becoming what they have made us. That is how unnatural, vile and dangerous the jews truly are.

The jewish engineered attack on Syria is horribly unjust. Just as the jews placed all their sins on their scapegoat in ancient times to avoid retribution, the jews have us suffer for their sins. Our injustice manufactured in perverse jewish minds will be our undoing, if we obey them. They will scapegoat us for all their crimes, place their sins upon us and send us into the wilderness to greet the devil in hell. That is how the jews atone for their evil, by casting it upon us and then loudly calling for our destruction, screaming at us that we should hate ourselves for helping them because it was all so evil.

Beware the anti-American pro-Putin rhetoric coming from the jews. It is how the jews scapegoat us for their crimes and it is the path to death then hell.