Monday, September 09, 2013

Keep Up the Pressure on the Congress NOT to Attack Syria, It's Working!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

While jews like Kapner were telling you that an attack on Syria was unstoppable, I was asking you to help pressure the US Congress to prevent an attack. The pressure appears to be working. Now, and only now, that it appears that Obama lacks the votes in Congress, the jews are looking for a way out of the fiasco they created.

Kerry/Kohn floated the trial balloon of a quid pro quo of withdrawal of an America plan for an attack in exchange for the surrender of chemical weapons by the Syrian government. The Russians sponsored this idea, but only after the Congress appears set to vote down the illegal attack proposal.

The tell that Putin is in bed with the jews behind all this, is that the proposed resolution comes only after the American People said NO to jewry and further that no demands are being made on America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc. to stop sponsoring the invasion force presently attacking Syria.

If Putin were genuine in his support of Syria, he would have sought to bring about multilateral negotiations to slow down and resolve the crisis. He could have easily and obviously accomplished this by moving Russian observers in Syria to monitor the chemical weapons while an international negotiation began with talks to resolve all issues. In this way, Syria would have had some leverage to end the other attacks on the nation, and the World would thereby have found a path to real peace instead of the prolonged threat of world war.

We have to now start pressuring Congress to stop sponsoring the jews' war on Syria and to withdraw support from the terrorists who have invaded Syria. Perhaps there might be a way to boycott oil from nations sponsoring international terrorism? Putin should call for talks to end the other attacks on Syria, in exchange for monitoring the chemical weapons held by the Syrian government, so that we can resolve this danger and put it behind us.